Undeniable Opression
Undeniable Opression by Suicide20
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ZIN unregistered
#36   04 Jun 2018
the gameplay on this map is just awesome. it's easy to round robin and it flows very well.
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v1l3 Rep. 1535
#35   02 Sep 2009
this map's a classic gothic map..not to many people can pull off making a good goth style map
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Ian "Foralarx" Wilson unregistered
#34   02 Sep 2009
Well I can... :P (Each to their own right?). I pretty much exclusively played this map 1v1 with friends on LANs when it came out and we had an absolute blast. I guess those fond memories are what really make this map stand out for me.
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db unregistered
#33   01 Sep 2009
I can't get enthused over this map as most of the commenters here are. The pathways seem very repetitive and bland. Gameplay not interesting.
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Unisaw Rep. 20
#32   21 Jan 2008
Great map map that has been part of my rotation for years. I've never built a map so the texture issue is lost on me. The RL camping problem is legitimate but the room has a high ceiling for an attacker to RJ and deal with a camper and it is accessible from three points. That room is small and between a GL and RL camping at that spawn point is easily dealt with. It's a nice map that can accomodate a much larger crowd (10). As a small FFA map, play will center around the primary area. Well done.
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v1l3 Rep. 1535
#31   29 Oct 2007
This is a good choice for the featured map..I've always been a fan of it.. as I still play it on and off. Aside from the fact that it's a simple ID textured gothic style map, it's nice to look at.. and still fun to play. I'm kind of surprised that I'm not the only one who thinks so...Nice choice!
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KODIAK unregistered
#30   16 May 2000
One of my favourites.

Eagerly awaiting the next from Suicide20

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jp unregistered
#29   15 Mar 2000
A great map that's really fun to play!

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Twitchfactor unregistered
#28   14 Mar 2000
Nicely put together, and fun... at first.

Until you realize...

  1. Hang around the rocketlauncher
  1. Blast fools till you run out of ammo, get low on health, or the power-up(quad,inviso) come up then...
  1. run to it, get it...
  1. run back to rocketlauncher.
You can dominate the level just by hanging around there. A bit too easy.

Still fun though...

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Octovus unregistered
#27   14 Mar 2000
Really nice map, definitely and 8 out of 10. Not my usuall talkative self 2day. =)

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#26   13 Mar 2000
The ftp.cdrom donwload link is now working fine
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paRa-NoiA unregistered
#25   13 Mar 2000
Really fun little map for 4-6 players - enuff weaps, ammo and health to sustain action without anyone becoming totally tanked, and I personally like the number of teles with people flying every which way.

Placement of ra is great - really makes you pay for it if you choose the wrong moment to go fishing :)

I also really like the non-solid tele design for this map - leaping off the bridge onto the teles makes for fast and furious gameplay.

It is a bit bright but when the actioon starts it's neither here nor there.

I personally would have preferred a haste rotating with invis rather than the quad - quad camping tends to happen a bit coz being quadded up in this map is a huge advantage.

Nice map Suicide20 - an 8 :)

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#24   13 Mar 2000
I've been informed by GameSpy techsupport that the file replication problem should be fixed some time today
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[-V1Ru5-] unregistered
#23   13 Mar 2000
FILEPLANET SUX!!!!! i want new updates to dmmq3dm maps and they dont have them yet!!!!
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Barbiedoll2k unregistered
#22   13 Mar 2000
well, had to grab the map from suicide's URL instead... file planet still down.

As for the map, it plays very well. The weapon placement is nice, as well as the size and architecture of the map.

The problem I had with the map was its brightness. It nearly blinded me. :) I didn't noitce the texture alignment review noted, but I did find the non-solid teleporter a little awkward.

All in all, it's a good map. It'll be staying in my pak0.

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RedFive unregistered
#21   13 Mar 2000
Finally got the map! No thanks to Fileplanet there. Ok, enough bitching. I love that map! It took a while to learn the layout but once you have it everything is cool (took me some time to find the RG, The Red Armor in the water and the teleporters' destinations). I agree that the map is on the bright side and kinda brownish in a Q1-Q2 sorta way, but at least it's very original and fun to play. Can't wait to try it against humans !!!
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Johnny unregistered
#20   12 Mar 2000
nice looking map with some very interesting set pieces. however the gameplay/layout is too discombobulated for me. seems like the author even confused himself with the layout as he bailed out of one too many dead ends with a teleporter(therz like 5-6, way too many imho). nothing kills an exciting battle more than constantly having your opponent jumping into a teleporter, esp. five or six teleporters for that matter.
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MogWaEE unregistered
#19   12 Mar 2000
Love your map Suicide20! I've been playing it fo awhile already and I really like the gameplay and the architecture. the only real gripe that I have with it is that it's damn too bright! Make it darker and add some more lighting nuances... and I would definitely give it a 10+ :) .
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F.U.B.A.R. unregistered
#18   12 Mar 2000
Great Map man! Sorry it took so long to download it, but well worth the wait!

keep maps like this coming!


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RedFive unregistered
#17   12 Mar 2000
Thanks for the link Suicide! I'll be giving news soon.
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Jim unregistered
#16   12 Mar 2000
Excellent map. The layout, texturing, item placement, and playability (with bots) was all well done. I also enjoyed the unique ornamentation this map offered.

Overall a good map with good atmosphere and unique style.

Last week I remember griping about the over-use of the "missing block" style of detailing a map, mainly because it's just been very many maps to date that use a poorly implemented copycat of this feature on the original id maps, in places or settings where it is inappropriate. This map, however, uses the style very effectively- it definately "belongs" here. The roughness of the area down near the water was also done quite well made

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Quazi unregistered
#15   12 Mar 2000
I'm gonna have to vent somewhere, why not here?

I REALLY like the level (really! :), I just don't like Fileplanet! I remember the good ole days when ftp.cdrom.com only allowed 240 anonymous users, and everybody had to keep their levels on their own respective websites. Now, somebody had the great idea of funnelling every link through one slow-ass, unreliable website. One way to fix this is to have Fileplanet mirrors.. But if we did that, we'd be back to where we were before Fileplanet -- a big list of mirrors! Another way to fix this is to remove a step -- remove Fileplanet!

BTW, I still like the level! :)

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TweekFreak unregistered
#14   12 Mar 2000
I can't load the map. I get kicked back to the console with this info:

Loading vm file vm/ui.qvm.

D:Quake III Arenabaseq3pak2.pk3 Getting referenced due to: vm/ui.qvm

VM file ui compiled to 937732 bytes of code

47 arenas parsed

32 bots parsed

Connected to a pure server.

Loading vm file vm/ui.qvm.

VM file ui compiled to 937732 bytes of code

47 arenas parsed

32 bots parsed

Loading vm file vm/cgame.qvm.

D:Quake III Arenabaseq3pak2.pk3 Getting referenced due to: vm/cgame.qvm

VM file cgame compiled to 904570 bytes of code

Corrupt JPEG data: premature end of data segment

----- CL_Shutdown -----

RE_Shutdown( 1 )

Shutting down OpenGL subsystem

...wglMakeCurrent( NULL, NULL ): success

...deleting GL context: success

...releasing DC: success

...destroying window

...resetting display

...shutting down QGL

...unloading OpenGL DLL


----- Server Shutdown -----

==== ShutdownGame ====

AAS shutdown.


Unsupported marker type 0x4c

Any Ideas????

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Suicide20 unregistered
#13   12 Mar 2000
Yep, I'm aware of how Oppression is spelled...

Stop Oppressing me Damn it!!




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YaBoZe unregistered
#12   12 Mar 2000
Also, Suicide20, "Opression" is spelled wrong, it's spelled "Oppression".

Great map, bro...



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YaBoZe unregistered
#11   12 Mar 2000
I was finally able to download this map. The downloads here have been a pain in the ass, but this site is great. Anyway, I love this map, and I can't find anything wrong with it, other than the overbright, I wish it had more shadows and dark corners.


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hmmzz unregistered
#10   12 Mar 2000
I just followed the link in the readme, planetquake/3

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#9   11 Mar 2000
yep.. there is a problem with all the d/loads - please hang in there. I'll make a post of when the links are back up
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NoNameYet unregistered
#8   11 Mar 2000
how can people download a map when it is not even on the server


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Tigger-oN unregistered
#7   11 Mar 2000
I uploaded the version you sent me :] I'll wait untill I see the latest version to comment on the texture alignments. The teleports could have been something else if you wanted them accessable from all sides.

Grabing the latest version now, I'll upload it asap.

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PureLove unregistered
#6   11 Mar 2000
The gameplay is extremely good. Didn't notice/mind the flaws mentioned.
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Suicide20 unregistered
#5   11 Mar 2000
lvl posted the wrong map...

I"m not sure how he get this old version but please down load from here...


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Suicide20 unregistered
#4   11 Mar 2000
Optional downlaod for the map...


So if you can't get it from file planet first... Try that one.

But I would like to know how many ppl download the map..:)

So try file planet...



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RedFive unregistered
#3   11 Mar 2000
This map looks totally killer and I CAN'T DOWNLOAD IT !!! I hate when that happens... Somebody fix Fileplanet once and for all.
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hmmz unregistered
#2   11 Mar 2000
This map has good connectivity, no dead ends that i could find, rj will bring you fast to a higher ground.

Plays well, very well. I don't care much for the texture problems, coz normaly i don't see those things.

One prob though, why an invis powerup? I hate those things.

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Suicide20... unregistered
#1   11 Mar 2000
I thought I would add a comment about the review...

"A lot of the action centers around the power-up location. There are a heap of texture alignment problems and the teleporter models are not solid :[ "

Its a small map,So the action is going to take place somewhere...

Texture alignment issues?

The only thing that seems misaligned is are the flame thingies. They align at the top, just don't meet well at the bottum. I'm not sure if this is due to the texture itself, or due to the fact that the blocks11 texture had a face lift.

I just checked...

Its the Flame texture...


I'll have our texture guy try to fix it. Sence this is so glaring...

Teleporters not being solid...

I went this way for several reasons. One being the fact that you have the ability to back into the portal without worrying if your going to get stuck on it. You don't have the ability to camp on them. Plus from the bridge area you can drop below and be sure to hit the teleport.

It was a design based on game play, not something that was mistakenly over looked.



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