Yurch's Domain
Yurch's Domain by snail
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Geniraul Rep. 1432
#22   10 May 2023
@KommissarReb (SW12) I just played this map for the first time and I wouldn't say that the Railgun serves no purpose here. It is well applicable for vertical combat (in particular, in the water hall), as well as for pick-a-boo shooting from around corners, IMO.

As for the area with the RG, I think the weapon can also be useful there, exactly in the place where the RG itself is located, since it is put in a non-deep pit with some shallow water: a rail from the player grabbing the Railgun can be a good response to the enemies firing rockets or other projectiles at them.

and yeah the bots are broken

@Snail I don't know whether you're reading this comment, but bots actually don't seem to be broken for me on this map at all, they do just fine. I just wish this level had more general expanding and enhancement, at the first place more ammo and newer rooms. However, this map is among the better ones, from my point of view; the mushrooms is a really clever and memorable gimmick as well and embelish the map in a very creative way!

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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#21   05 Oct 2012

That was the highlight though. Other than that, it wasn't too different than a typical arena. Again, the Railgun ruined it for me. It doesn't have a place in this arena.

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Timmy!!! unregistered
#20   13 Oct 2000
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Octovus unregistered
#19   15 Mar 2000
Perhaps it had too much ammunition lying around, but other than that this map's item placement was fine IMHO. The mood did definitely come across, though perhaps not as much as I expected it to. Anywho it was certainly fun to play in a small to medium deathmatch, while 2 vs 2 teamplay was certainly fun to. Hard to pinpoint any one especially good or bad thing in this map...though the placement of the 50 healths on the tall mushrooms was a little weird/annoying. 8 outa 10, I'm in a good mood 2day. =)

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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chis unregistered
#18   15 Mar 2000
Erk... this was an awkward one at first. As most are saying, the item and weap count is lacking... and bots seemed to hang around the RL (surrounded by columns) & GL area a bit too much. The texturing was a little samey, too. It started to grow on me after a while though, since despite the slightly "empty" feel due to said lack of items, the map has some variation. And shrooms of course! 7/10
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Johnny Law unregistered
#17   15 Mar 2000
Note that the recommended load on the map is four... personally I think there are sufficient items for that. `Course then it does play a little slow. :-)

Still, quite above average... the unique look gives it a boost.

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Dr Qube unregistered
#16   14 Mar 2000
This map is sweet, the item placement could be better.

But remember....


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paRa-NoiA unregistered
#15   13 Mar 2000
It's definitely a good map in it's architecture and environment but after quite a few dms with 5-6 human opponents I firmly believe the weaponry is too sparse. It's an expansive map with a long way between weapons and the relative scarcity of weapons promotes campy behaviour.

But it's still staying on my hd :).

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MogWaEE unregistered
#14   13 Mar 2000
Also: this is one GREAT map, so people go on vote, and give it some damn good scores, like I said, this one is a keeper and let's spread the good vibe!
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MogWaEE unregistered
#13   13 Mar 2000
Yeah, that's what I figured also... and coming to think of it, it works for me :)
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snail unregistered
#12   13 Mar 2000
"yeah the WATER was more designed as a terrain obstacle"

weird typing errors .. my brain must be degenerating .. .

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snail unregistered
#11   13 Mar 2000
yeah the whatever was more designed as a terrain obstacle rather than a transit route / area for grabbing goodies. the idea being you screw up and fall in the water and someone caps you in the back while you're trying to climb out.
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MogWaEE unregistered
#10   12 Mar 2000
I have to agree with you Jim: Yurch, give us a reason to go swimming: the "pool" looks wonderful, but it doesn't add to the gameplay. Vive les champignons!
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Jim unregistered
#9   12 Mar 2000
Very good map. The architecture is very interesting and unique. The only reason I gave this map a 9 instead of a 10 is that I thought the item placement was a bit sparse, and I think there should have been a powerup, maybe an invisib, haste, or quad (alternating). It would have been nice to have a reason to go swimming also, as I found nothing when I decided to jump in. Other than that, and the 1 or 2 misaligned textures (only minor) I saw, I'd have to say that this is one of the most beautiful and well-made Q3 maps I've seen- definately worth the download and certainly a keeper.
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Lordy unregistered
#8   12 Mar 2000
fs, is it really that difficult to work out how to read the text file and go to the authors website to get it ?

/me despairs

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blod unregistered
#7   12 Mar 2000
AARRGGGHHH! Can't download last maps at all! Where the hell they are??
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NoNameYet unregistered
#6   11 Mar 2000
how can people download a map when it is not even on the server


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el nino unregistered
#5   11 Mar 2000
I cannot download this map, cdrom doesnt have it and nonE of the fileplanet links have it!
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snail unregistered
#4   11 Mar 2000
thanks for the review. :)

i agree that this map has some problems with item placement and gameplay, so i'll be working on that with my next map. and yeah the bots are broken, but hey .. it's got shrooms..


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FajLite unregistered
#3   11 Mar 2000
OMG! this map roxor!
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MogWaEE unregistered
#2   11 Mar 2000
One good map: this one is a keeper!
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wheelgun unregistered
#1   11 Mar 2000
Battles (with bots) almost always wind up taking place in the area near the Grenade Launcher. Other than that little nitpick, I have nothing bad to say about this map. The mushrooms are groovy! Can brushes be animated? Swaying, singing plants would kick ass. =)

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