Undeniable Opression
Undeniable Opression by Suicide20

Potentially a great map with some niggling flaws. The architectural theme is consistent, there is a nice little underwater section, the layout, gameplay and weapon placement are solid and the textures well chosen. It just doesn't feel fully finished off. A few areas are overbright and a bit more use of the clip brush would have helped. I found I was getting stuck on a few walls (mainly archway brushes). A lot of the action centers around the power-up location. There are a heap of texture alignment problems and the teleporter models are not solid :[

A really well constructed map that plays great with 5. The bugs are minor but they hold back the maps potential. A bit more finessing and it could have been great. Well worth the download.

Updated file - 11.Mar.00. Everyone should grab the new version as one of the sections has changed dramatically. (For some reason I had an earlier version)

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (25 votes)

Download: Undeniable Opression by Suicide20