A Very Bad Place
A Very Bad Place by PowZeR
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themuffinator Rep. 978
#14   29 Jun 2011
You could rocket jump out of the lava in the original, so changing lava to fog removes that gameplay element.
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2432
#13   29 Jun 2011
Probably my favorite dm4 conversion. I agree that the expanded RA area is a bit too big, but other than that the aesthetics bring it up to decent quality standards compared to the original, and replacing lava with fog was a good idea imo, since there was no way to escape the lava anyway once you fell in.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#12   28 Jun 2011
You cannot just replace lava with red fog of death - even if it looks somewhat similar.

-If it were lava and you had 200 health and regen, you could just rocket jump your way out. Whereas FOD ( Fog Of Death) once you fall in, you're toast.

Edited: 29 Jun 2011 AEST

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db unregistered
#11   27 Aug 2009
Connectivity is the major problem with this map. Once you go down for the RL there is only one way back. Not good for gameplay. That is the killer flaw for me. Should have been another exit.

I've also seen bots getting hung up on the teleporters; just cycling in and out of the same 'porter.

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Ludapat unregistered
#10   29 May 2007
This is my favorite map ever! We make fun games in this place!!! There's always somebody to kill in front of you... That's a nice one!! I hope he makes other map like this one.
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Timmy!!! unregistered
#9   07 Oct 2000
An awesome conversion. Get it your hard drive.Wish I could find a server running it, and some players who wanted to go. There needs to be more awesome conversions like this. Great job PowZeR
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Andor-Dark Lord unregistered
#8   01 May 2000
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PowZeR unregistered
#7   15 Mar 2000
Wondering about this GeForce issue... One of my systems is a Celeron 400 o/c'd to 450, 256meg RAM and a SDRAM GeForce card, the lowest framerate I can achieve is around 59fps (1024x768x32bpp)on this level, I (too) am wondering how your system (with a GeForce) chugs what processor do you run?

feel free to email me

powzer@q3seek.com or


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RedFive unregistered
#6   15 Mar 2000
Trying to RJ from the bottom doesn't work for me. OozE I have a question for you: How come the teles don't lag my TNT1 and they do you GeForce ??? Maybe you should turn some features off.
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0ozE unregistered
#5   15 Mar 2000
Wow...I've had this on my hd for some time now..I thought this must be a different map because it's just now being posted---but it isn't. So I have to comment.

This map is way cool. It gives an incredible visual feast and feel for lovers of the original. One beef is it seems alot harder to rj up from the bottom level (I haven't done it yet..has anyone? I don't think u can). Don't know why he made that ledge so high.

The teleporters are cool but drag down my Geforce as usual..that's why I don't like the 'portal' teleporter model. Bot play is great, though the level tends to be a bit linear in gameplay. I especially like the side jaunt to the rl via the teleporters...though hardly ever see action there. Summary? Get it...I'll be keeping this one as long as Q3 is on my hd.

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RedFive unregistered
#4   14 Mar 2000
After seeing a number of converted maps (some good, some bad, some drowned in controversy), it's a breath of fresh air to see a true tribute to one of the monuments of Deathmatching. DM4 was my favorite Q1 map and I'm happy to see what PowZeR has done with it. A great touch is the teleporters. I don't know if it's a gimmick to see the destination but I've loved the effect since way back when Q3test came out. One thing's for sure, I'll be playing this map a lot !!!
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Jim unregistered
#3   14 Mar 2000
This was a nice looking and well made map, however I had a few issues with it. The first thing I noticed is the ambient sounds. There's a droning sound and an organic (stomach growling) sound. Now the droning was ok, but since this map didn't have any organic elements, the use of an organic ambiant sound was inappropriate and out of place. Second, I thought the Q1 style teleporters with that block-cross-light texture around didn't work well here. That texture works well everywhere else it was used on the map, but it just didn't do the trick for teleporters.

Third, the flow could have been a little better. For example, I didn't like how there was only one exit from the lower level- thru a teleporter.

And last, the fog should have been thicker, or at least a shader on the floor which prevents weapons fire from impacting. As it is, the fog is thin enough that you can see your plasma shots impacting the floor, which doesn't give the impression of a bottomless pit- the impression that death fog usually gives.

Other than that the architecture was nice and texturing well done. 7/10

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Bad_To_The_Bone unregistered
#2   14 Mar 2000
This map rocks even more than the original. It's wonderfull to see someone re-interpreting an old map rather than just converting it as it stands. The one thing that I think the auther should do is 'step' the levels in the main room abit, so that it's easier to jump from the top one to the middle one.

Best Q3A map I've seen in ages, thankyou PowZer.

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chis unregistered
#1   14 Mar 2000
Yeah, this isn't a perfect map, but technically it stands up very well. Not a single bit of bad texturing could I see, and the new areas were pretty good imho. DM4PLUS for Q1 was a better play over this and the original tho. This is a solid conversion that has been doneverywell and plays well (again imho) also. Bots played relatively intelligently in this map. It's staying on my hdd!
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