SUCKIT by Gazoline
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6415
#18   13 Jul 2019
as a ffa this is quite a fun map. I don't agree with the author on the problems of item placement: if you spawn near the BS when it has spawned - you go grab the BFG - there really is nothing more than you can do other than take the rl. MH - bunny hop, and you avoid the trap. Those columns - really handy when you're low on health. for me the regen and invis are the two you have to think about grabbing the most. the area has to be empty to make a safe grab for the regen from the bottom. not so bad from the top. but do you wanna stay down in that central area too long? I like that RL, RG, and quad all spawn down here, because it's basically a pit, it makes them hard to pick up. the invis - well you have to take a health hit from a weapon jump to get it quick. is it worth it for temporary invisibility given people will sight you as soon as you start firing? useful only if you want to sneak about to implement a strat. But in a level with so many traps it is a high reward power-up to grab. rail gun is nicely placed with some shards in nooks for back-up should you be spotted going in for it. makes for a fun lan/home server as a break from the more serious maps. i'm gonna keep it.
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SW12 unregistered
#17   24 Jun 2010
Anyway, W Hat's the Challenge of the BFG?
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SW12 unregistered
#16   24 Jun 2010
Okay I get it. I am officially humiliated.Still, Anwulf used it WAAAAY too much. This map isn't that bad.
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Tig Rep. 1732
#15   23 Jun 2010
@SW12: 'learnt' is the British English (or original) version of the American English 'learned'. The Americans changed it from the British, along with a heap of other things, mostly 'z' instead of 's', for example 'Personalize' and 'Personalise'. Here is a link:
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SW12 unregistered
#14   23 Jun 2010
Since when is 'learnt', a word? You call this map and its contents dumb but if you can't survive 1rst grade English?? Simply saying. Oh and Tig, Don't stab me with a machete for my opinion. k?
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Anonymous unregistered
#13   23 May 2009
Bfg is a challenge, but can be done.
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fred unregistered
#12   13 Nov 2005
My friends and I play this map and we have a ball... it is awesome. The playability and amusement of this level are second to none, contrary to these reviews. Not sure who these reviewers are but they don't have a clue. Other maps just can't hold a candle to the speed and originality of this one.
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Madan unregistered
#11   28 May 2005
I've learned that pisspoor reviewers make tedious maps even more tedius.
I've also learned that brits are condescending.
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Tek unregistered
#10   16 Aug 2003
Actually, (X), learnt is a word ( ) It's called British English. Now you've learnt something.
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Legrand [LN] unregistered
#9   09 Aug 2003
Gazoline: I'm not a mapper myself, but I have run Quake 2 and Quake 3 servers for 6 years. I wish I could give you technical help on mapping, but I never have had the time to learn to map, and I don't think I'm artistic enough anyway.

My suggestion would be to check out:
where people like AEon, pjw, unitool and other legendary mappers hang out. You should find ample help within the "walls" of that forum.

Keep working at it.

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Gazoline unregistered
#8   08 Aug 2003
Whether or not I agree with all the comments, I would like to learn how to make my lighting better. Any recommendations?
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Anwulf unregistered
#7   07 Aug 2003
"learnt" is a word. It's the past tense/past participle of "learn". You also find "learned", of course, although it's not a form I use. I also use "dream" ~ "dreamt", "earn" ~ "earnt" and one or two others. Cf. "bend" ~ "bent", "send" ~ "sent" etc...
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(X) unregistered
#6   05 Aug 2003
Learnt, is not a word, but it was said 9,000 times for some reason. =)
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Legrand [LN] unregistered
#5   03 Aug 2003
I didn't get around to writing a review for this map, so I'll just add my comments here.

The map is poor. You can get the MH if you time it right, but it's difficult and if you're being chased, or chasing, you will automatically choose a different route (of which there is only one) and this effectively means that once you know about the trap, you will avoid it at all costs. Might as well put a wall there.

I won't bother going into the other details. It's not worth it. The main review describes it perfectly.

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Smokyboy unregistered
#4   01 Aug 2003
This map is a great 2 player map. You have to review it for what it is: a map that takes skill. Useless players don't apply here. Guess that means the one who reviewed it, and his ass kissing lackies.
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ME! unregistered
#3   01 Aug 2003
MAP gets a 0! REVIEW gets a 10!
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Dayve unregistered
#2   01 Aug 2003
Me thinks the review is more entertaining than the map.
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Morgan - CREEM Magazine unregistered
#1   31 Jul 2003
Wittiest level review I have read in a LONG time; good work!
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