Spirit Of The Age
Spirit Of The Age by 187-J4CK4L
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#3   10 Jan 2012
All of your maps are on map-factory.org and they all have major hits/downloads. I love your maps.
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Legrand [LN] unregistered
#2   03 Aug 2003
Much like other comments, I too found the map just so-so. I downloaded it quite some time ago with the intention of reviewing it, but I didn't think I could write a meaningful review. I felt the map was just chaotic in it's design and that it didn't seem to jell to any one state. I found the same peculiarties the others did, dying in lava with the battlesuit (you can also die in the lava waterfall) and thought it was odd you could get up onto the surrounding hills. While this adds a vertical element (I guess), it doesn't do it very well, and I've always found it annoying when I can get to places on a map where I can see other areas of the map as if thru walls, or when you see that "wash of colors" over the far edge of a map.

This is by far not the first map for Jackal... He has interesting ideas, but I think he needs a different set of play-testers, or maybe to spend more time exploring ideas and refining them.

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Octovus unregistered
#1   02 Aug 2003
Hmm why did I download this? I guess the "two outdoor areas" idea intrigued me. And it is pretty neat! The map is an exercise in vertical use, you move up and down much more than side to side (though that, like much in the map, is somewhat over done). But the author evidently does not take himself too seriously, what with the liberal sprinkling of powerups. Some, like the invisibility, are placed in a unique and noteworthy manner. Tunnels in the hillside for getting around is a neat gimmick. Really, this isn't a "good" map - but it is a fun map. If the description sounds interesting, download it; there are no big "problems".



P.S. I tried to go into the lava in the smaller room with a battlesuit, but I died and it said I was "in the wrong place". Brushes that don't match the terrain are annoying!

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