Winter chill
Winter chill by swelt
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#5   17 Jul 2012
Exact same textures to ''Use & Abuse By FxR|Jude & swelt. I absolutely love the way the map is set out. The structure and design of it is marvelous and actually got me thinking for my new map I'll be making.
Edited: 17 Jul 2012 AEST
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no'drex unregistered
#4   16 Mar 2003
Texture wise it looks better than nodm5 too
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Drexciyian unregistered
#3   16 Mar 2003
Works fine for 4v4 PI check nobles vs y on ch-tv, my only gripe is rg on this map, it spoils it like a rg would on cpm4
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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#2   13 Mar 2003
My gripe is that the map doesn't feel like it can really support 8 legit players, but it's still great for 2vs2 - 3vs3.
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Paragon unregistered
#1   13 Mar 2003
same as nodm5. perfect, invis owns you :D
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