The Abandoned Base III
The Abandoned Base III by Obi-Wan
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Choco Hearts unregistered
#29   14 Mar 2002
Yeehaw! I agree w/ Zarathustra, and I'll go one better: this is the best DM map ever, for ANY game, ANY system! I think it's great!
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lza unregistered
#28   16 Jan 2001
I agree with 'not entered', changing MEGA to 50h and adding a railgun isn't a good idea.

but thanx anyway

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Endo unregistered
#27   03 Jan 2001
Ahh.. Home at last!

Hey who took my quad?

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Zarathustra unregistered
#26   29 Oct 2000
By far my favorite map in any of the Quake Trilogy, I'm glad to finally find a conversion for Q3. Great job, Obi-Wan. =o)
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DiGiTaL DiLDo unregistered
#25   03 Jun 2000
its a classic q1map

therefor i can only see it being any good with some sort of q1mod for q3

the weapons are just too unbalanced for dm3 on q3

go my spelling!

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mal unregistered
#24   14 May 2000
I don't know about you, but I don't remember having a railgun fight over the regeneration in quake1.
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Bad_To_The_Bone unregistered
#23   29 Feb 2000
Well. If any of the Q1 maps deserved to be converted (I don't really like conversions but I think its fine for other people to) it was this one. I thikn the textures suit Q3A much more than Q1 and I love the shadows on the water.I think Obi-Wan could've updated it a little with some curves and better texture alignment and wotnot. Overall, the best conversion map I've played.

Thankyou Obi-Wan.

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Obi-Wan unregistered
#22   25 Feb 2000
I guess it's time I step in and say a few words. It's good to see at least one guy remembering me... :) Don't worry, I'm gonna do a few maps for this game. I'm currently busy with another conversion of one of my own maps but I'm making it more Q3A'sh in look with curves and shit all over the place. I had to do a DM3 conversion just for the sake of getting one of the best maps ever into Q3A. It was a big job whether it looks like it or not.

To everybody playing this map and then deciding it sucks and then remembers that they used to hate Q1, WTF??? Do you always download stuff you KNOW you're gonna hate?? I don't know. Anyway...

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Spud unregistered
#21   25 Feb 2000
2 things:

First: Timothy, stop bitching about every single map.

Second: all conversions of older maps are more or less useless because of all the different versions that can be done. Until someone like Id themselves releases conversions for their Q1 DM maps, there will be too many people using winbspc to make their own version. For all those who don't like dm3, I'm sorry to say you're missing out on the best teamplay map ever made.

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Lurker unregistered
#20   25 Feb 2000 one seems to be following the filenaming format of what Paul j. mentioned..
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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#19   24 Feb 2000
OH MY GOD!you are all on crack!!!This map sux ass and even the original was better...the texturing was horrible and they looked extremely blurry(this wasn't the case in the original)....If you are going to convert a classic to q3,at least spice it up a me it looks worse than the original,it plays the same,and frankly I thought the original was very bad!!!
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not entered unregistered
#18   24 Feb 2000
Uhh, hmm...let's see what's wrong with this map:

They changed the 100h's into regular h's. That's bad.

They put a railgun in it. The great thing about dm3 in q1 was that it made the game more of a strategical/teamplay oriented game, rather than a roving pack/free for all style chaotic game. By adding a railgun, it just makes it more chaotic and less teamplay based. They also added a yellow armor near the quad, which I really don't understand. And they put a regeneration in place of the pent...they could have at least put a battle suit there! One of the great things about the pent was that you could rocket jump all over the place to chase your enemies more effectively.

It'd be cool if you could somehow link the armors to giving the player the extra armor required to make the armor count the same as in q1. Some target_give function can probably do that.

I give it a'd be much higher if it were an original map, but this map simply isn't as good as the original.

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.Predator, unregistered
#17   24 Feb 2000
It would be cool if somebody would just do a remake of this map rather than converting it. Like changing the textures and adding some effects. This map has always been one of my favorites and it would be even better with the new effects that Quake III has to offer. This is the best conversion I've seen though.
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Jim unregistered
#16   24 Feb 2000
I recognized the name Obi-Wan right away, as this guy produced some of the best singleplayer maps for Q1 that were ever made. I was quite satisfied to see his name return to the Q3 scene, but a bit disappointed that it is just a conversion map. This guy definately has talent, and I can't wait to see what he'll produce for original Q3 material (hopefully he will).

I never played DM back in the Q1 days, mainly because my connection sucked and/or my 3 other roommates would have been pissed for me tying up the phone line back in college- so I can't really say this map is very nostalgic. Q1 had some nice maps, but I don't think they work well with Q3. We've come a long way as far as technology as well as the artistry of map-making goes, and what was in the past is often best left in the past.

I was never very fond of the base theme of Q1 either, even though I did enjoy some of the ExM1 maps in singleplayer. Tight spaces don't work very well for Q3, but I guess this would be a killer gauntlet map, see who can rack up the most humiliations (if the scoring system actually kept track of such things).

One thing that could improve this map is the ambiant base sounds from the originals- seemed a bit dead and quiet in there...

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Octovus unregistered
#15   24 Feb 2000
Laa-laa-laa-laa-laa.... hmm, a pd-day tomorrow. YEHA! Yeah, I know what you mean, I didn't play Quake1 all that much, I never played Quake2, here I am in Quake3 clanned an all..... hey Viagra, I'm guessing that's ur nick cos u use the stuff all the time... but maybe we can agree on something. QUAKE 3 OWNS j00!
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Viagra unregistered
#14   24 Feb 2000
This map 0wns j00.
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Kaled unregistered
#13   23 Feb 2000
as i have no nostalgia for the quake1 days, when my modem was WAAY too ass to play online. I thought this a boring, poorly textured, quake-2 style conversion of a quake-1 map so that the original quake1 flavor (which I only saw single player, of course, but it definitely had it's moments) was lost, and the eye-candy possible in this engine is so underused, it should be illegal. gave it a 2
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paRa-NoiA unregistered
#12   23 Feb 2000
Oops 2 - my bad - you can't snipe into the map - just see into it.
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paRa-NoiA unregistered
#11   23 Feb 2000
Oops - sorry, make that a "well timed glrl jump" :P
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paRa-NoiA unregistered
#10   23 Feb 2000
Good conversion for what it is.

FWIW making a well timed glrg jump to the upper window in the mega health room can take you all the way to the roof above and from there you can snipe inside the map - doh!

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AssBall unregistered
#9   23 Feb 2000
Fuck Quake 1
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RedFive unregistered
#8   23 Feb 2000
I never got into this one in Q1 so I don't see how I'd get into it in Q3A. It reminds too much of my early DM days when I'd get fragged every 10 seconds, before I learned you could play the damn thing with the mouse (doh!).

PS: Yes Leia, I know you're not a commitee !!!

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Templar unregistered
#7   23 Feb 2000
I can't see how this map should be recommended for anything but the trash can. Layout sucks, the texturing and lighting are amateurish, and it isn't much fun to play.
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Octovus unregistered
#6   23 Feb 2000
Well, it was OKAY and that's all there is to it. A niceness Quake1 level comes into it's Quake3 form, a faithful conversion, but... the items just don't function like they did in Quake1, and the gl felt kinda useless ( I mean the lg is just a few feet away ) Also, some sounds for the lifts were missing and the mega-health room had a real weird texture in addition to being basically useless. Heh, it probably sounds like I'm gonna give it a 2 or 3 but.. the bots played it good, it was fun for a bit... 6 outa 10.
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not entered unregistered
#5   23 Feb 2000
Sweet.......finally the converted this lvl
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hm unregistered
#4   23 Feb 2000
if you want to preserve the feel of a q1 map, play q1.
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Niptlar unregistered
#3   23 Feb 2000
Railgun a good choice? I always thought the Plasma Gun was best to preserve the feel of map (and I like the old feel better). Oh well, I have a mod that fixes that. =)
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princess leia unregistered
#2   23 Feb 2000
help me obi-wan kenobi, you're my only hope.
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kingmob unregistered
#1   23 Feb 2000
i agree that this is a good conversion, finally.

i still don't like the map though, but that's just taste.

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