The Abandoned Base III
Author : Obi-Wan

E-Mail : **email removed**

Map Name : The Abandoned Base III

Description : Basically just a port of the classic DM3 from Quake. I had to rebuild
a few bruches because of the way it exported from the bsp. I also added
more light "brushes" so the light don't just float in the middle of
nowhere. I've also ported all the texture maps. The map looks pretty much
like the one in Quake but with better lighting... :)

Spawn Points : 6

Base : Conversion of DM3 from Quake

Tools : Q3Radiant

Installation : 1 - Unzip this archive to your "BASEQ3" directory and run the game
2 - Bring down the console and type the following: /map obiq1dm3
3 - To add a bot just press "ESC" and select the "ADD BOT" option from the menu

Credits : ID Software for Quake, all it's sequels and the original version of DM3
Mr Elusive for Winbspc