The Keep
The Keep by Legarto
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Rufis unregistered
#23   12 Nov 2003
Great map, most fun I've had in ages.
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{GDC} -Nekrataal- unregistered
#22   28 Jan 2001
OK no design price but solid and fun to play
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not entered unregistered
#21   23 Apr 2000
very good
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steve unregistered
#20   23 Apr 2000
cool map bruv! best yet

keep up the good work

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jason(killer) unregistered
#19   21 Apr 2000
wot a great map ,one of the best maps i have ever played keep up the good work martin
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not entered unregistered
#18   31 Mar 2000
Good map for quake
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Mowgley unregistered
#17   16 Mar 2000
This map is great!! Looking forward to seeing the next one from Legarto.
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ADRIAN unregistered
#16   16 Mar 2000
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not entered unregistered
#15   16 Mar 2000
cool Map
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Dave P unregistered
#14   16 Mar 2000
Such a compliment to Quake. Suits me Sir !!
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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#13   03 Mar 2000
I no am a bit late to dl it but I did and don't regret it this a classic it's beautiful and has a lot of things a map needs: Gameplay and a nice loking level verry nice for a first try 8
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JONNY unregistered
#12   01 Mar 2000
Great map m8, brilliant for ya first try at quake3 mapping.
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hmm unregistered
#11   26 Feb 2000
This map is fun, in fact tell me one map that is more fun then this one.. More of these please..
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Jim unregistered
#10   25 Feb 2000
Not a bad map- but could have used a few more refinements.

Texture choice and grouping is very good, and certainly unique, and the layour works well, even though I found some of the areas a bit too tight for my tastes.

For some reason, the bots all seemed to congregate on the upper level (the area seen in the screenshot) and especially the area above the red armor. I still haven't found that darned invisibility, but the bots had no trouble. I guess they were probably wondering where I kept getting the quad from, as they never seemed to find it unless one of them killed me while I had it. The BFG was well placed as well, since I only managed to stumble across it once. But that's one of the major downsides to this map- I don't think that there is any good reason to include ALL of Q3's weapons on one map.

As for the refinements, I noticed a few mismatched textures, and there could have been a little more ornamentation. Maybe some of the tight spaces could have been simplified a bit- or expanded out a little more. A clip brush here and there could have been useful for helping me to not get stuck on the architecture in some spots.

And I just have to add this little bit: this is the umpteenth map I've seen that has the "missing blocks" style of wall in one area. Now I'm not saying that this is a bad style, or not that I do not like it, but its just that I have seen it done so much and most of the time it just doesn't work in the map it is included with. Just because it was done in the id maps doesn't mean you should do it an any map. If you're making a map, and a certain style or feature works with your architecture or theme, by all means use it, but don't use it just because you've seen it done in other maps and it looked cool on those maps.

But despite these things, still a fun map to play for a bit. I may keep it a while, and I look forward to the author's next work- definately good potential here.

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blod unregistered
#9   25 Feb 2000
Not my cup of cola. Vulgar texturing, horrible visuals, lack of taste. I hate that type of 'newbie' maps :(
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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#8   25 Feb 2000
This map gets a 10 doesn't lag for me Tig!Everything about this map is cool especially for a first map(yeah right)and it's on my top 20 list right up there with "Ruskull's Domain" it would probably place 6th!
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not entered unregistered
#7   25 Feb 2000
good map for DM
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not entered unregistered
#6   25 Feb 2000
Very good map easy to learn for for quake DM!

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Octovus unregistered
#5   24 Feb 2000
The simple way to get the BFG: With bots its gauranteed, without mayb not, but head to the grenade launcher area near the top of the level (there's a statue below you sticking outa the wall if u r in the right place) and wait for a bot to come around, they will shoot at a certain place in the wall, that's where the BFG is.
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XC-ILLU2 unregistered
#4   24 Feb 2000
So this is what you've been doing for the last few months :) Smart!

Come to i3!

Oli - ILLU2

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Legarto unregistered
#3   24 Feb 2000
Thanks for the nice comments guys. This is my first Q3 map, although a did do a couple for Q1, but I never released them to the world in general. If you want to be shown how to get the BFG, just start a team game with a bot on your side and tell it to get the BFG, then follow it while it goes there. I learnt a lot making this map, the next one should be better (I hope) :-)
Agree (0) or Disagree (0) unregistered
#2   23 Feb 2000
Could someone please just tell me where the freakin BFG is already?! I can't find it to save my life!

oh, by the way, nice map,

Very nice. It gets an 8.

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Octovus unregistered
#1   23 Feb 2000
Hmm, my first first comment (that sounds weird don't it?) Ahyhow, I agree it might have been finished a BIT more, but it was as good as it needs to be to last on my harddrive for sure. The bots played pretty well (they had to show me where the f*ing BFG was, I couldn't find it myself. :P And the rl was niceness up at the top, jump down, become invisible... I'm getting off track though. The railgun was perhaps a bit oddly placed, and I know what you mean about the different architecture Tig, but personally I really like how it turned out... all mushed together in a way that somehow worked (for me). It woulda been a 9, 'cept the BFG was quite literally impossible to find till i noticed Bitterman getting it, so its a 8 outa 10.
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