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Dog unregistered
#8   21 Dec 2010
Where is the large fluffy cat of death? I want to see it!
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pakrat unregistered
#7   07 Feb 2002
Dull but functional textures. Gameplay is constantly churning and very fast.
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Octovus unregistered
#6   24 Jan 2002
Ok now I'll review it (go figure). I should say, I dled both of the Castle maps that got reviews this time, and this one I liked much better. It was nice and simple in terms of layout but played quite quickly. Having the RL in a semi-open corner was nice; that way, it can't be completely guarded by splash damage, but some more danger is added. The GL was very very useful here. If I had a complaint, action focuses a fair amount too much on the central area (this being in FFA, it would roam more to the RA and the MH in 1v1...and considering it was designed for 1v1 how much can I complain? Weapon choice was nice though the PG was a bit out of the way. Items were balanced for 1v1 but fun for FFA. And I wish everyone would compile like this, sparklies are only noticeable if you stand there and stare and it runs great! 8 from me.


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Octovus unregistered
#5   24 Jan 2002
I think misspelled is correct; I'm in Canada though (would make sense seeing as miss-spelled would have the same meaning and the way Tig spelled it is just a literal merger of the words). I love the name, and will download it and play it later in the day....but, I have an exam in an hour so. But I pictured this when I thought about the name: A cat walking across your keyboard while you're out of the room and closing all your radiant windows, of which you hadn't saved any of your work. That would certainly account for such a name (though you might be prompted to add some swearing and loud "MWARAHs" too (my bad interpretation of a cat being beaten and/or kicked out of the room).
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#4   24 Jan 2002
wviperw: My English (AUST) spellchecker picks up 'mispelled' as incorrect and 'misspelled' as correct. I guess it depends on where you are from. (Oh, and 'Flufy' gets picked up too :])
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Castle unregistered
#3   23 Jan 2002
I dont know man.. this 2 day level is getting better reviews than my other levels. hehehe
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wviperw unregistered
#2   23 Jan 2002
played this one a LONG time ago. Gameplay was pretty good, but the texturing was a bit to monocolored and dull.

But the name of the level is sweet castle !! :) And its funny when the reviewer states "misspelled of course" because he's mispelling "misspelled". :)

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not entered unregistered
#1   23 Jan 2002
I love the Name! Makes me wanna eat crisco.
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