spacial by Rebel Assault
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Colton Rep. 359
#11   10 May 2016
It's very possible that a new botfile could potentially help the botplay... For now, off to the LAN this baby goes!
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#10   25 Sep 2012
I still think after two years the author could have made the planets spherical.
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#9   23 Feb 2012
Amazing architecture. It's one hell of a space map :).
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Tetzlaff Rep. 275
#8   03 Jul 2010
The gaps are really annoying, really breaks the flow.
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Gear unregistered
#7   25 Jan 2002
Man, if only Planetshit would have had the file. I would be able to play this map

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Octovus unregistered
#6   24 Jan 2002
Ehlo! This map looked very promising in terms of layout and "ideas" was even running quite nice on my system. My thought was, "how bad can the bots be? I'll give it a go"...well, first of all with 3 bots (all sporting RLs per the maps gameplay) firing away my sytem died. FPS probably a third or a quarter of what it had been. Then they kept going more and more into negative scores :- I think two things could have made this map much better: Principally, not spawning with RLs, because this would both improve flow/fighting and FPS rates, and also less places to fall off. Since both of these are true you are nearly always being shot off by splash from a rocket. Gets a 6 from me (I wouldn't score it except it actually has less than a 6 now, so seems I'll be raising the average :-p)


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nunuk unregistered
#5   24 Jan 2002
oh yea don't worry nano. nothing new here, we talked about it already. besides, it's not like i really cared about credits. but the pack had been also done by two other artists, for this reason, and for them only, i thought it was a good idea to speak about it.

other point, that rebel assault definitely has ideas. on this particular map, it's too bad about the technical issues, but he did released later on other works that are really fine.

n00n00k :)

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nanoSpawn unregistered
#4   24 Jan 2002
nunuk =)

Well, yeah, but he didnt forget it, he just didnt know he was supposed to give you due credits, i'm now making sure that every spaniard that releases a map includes credits for the sources they've used, as well as the .txt file (that some of them happen to find pointless, dammit).

This kind of map is what happens when you have good and cool ideas, but no enough technical knowledges about the engine. That's my opinion, he has improved a lot since this map, trust me, specially his latest map, which turns out to be both cool aesthetically (tho a standard gohic map) and gameplay-wise.

Anyway, this one gets a 5 from me, may be better, may be worse...

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Octovus unregistered
#3   24 Jan 2002
Yes trying to imitate nunuk is pointless, as only the "real thing" can possibly be better than what nunuk has already produced :-) (Meaning more from nunuk, of course). I won't download it because

(a) Requires high-end system supposedly

(b) The bots play crappily,

but it does look cool from the screenshot (I especially like how the earth/planet in the skybox faces the game area)!

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quint unregistered
#2   24 Jan 2002
Love to see people making space experimental maps. There are several cool ideas... I love "lunapark style" maps...the playability is not the best thought. It's a very nice one, just one thing.. too much similar too much nunuk's maps IMO.
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nunuk unregistered
#1   23 Jan 2002
only thing i'll regret is that the author never gave any credits for having used the distonic texture pack to make his level.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>


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