Match 2! Dark Castle
Match 2! Dark Castle by Castle
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#5   13 Feb 2021
I agree with the review that the textures are often incompatible and the surfaces don't always match up but as a small ffa, I found the gameplay really infectious and kept hitting the start button at the end of each game. Getting stuck in the lava can be pretty annoying. A step or something to help players get out would have been a nice addition.
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Octovus unregistered
#4   26 Jan 2002
Ah, I stand corrected then (always ask the mapper eh, or if you have a brain look at his site before you post :-) ). The version thing is as much an annoyance with q3 as with any individual map; the UI for playing them is just sooo horrible.
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Castle unregistered
#3   26 Jan 2002
The match map series is really meant for very simplistic level design and faster play. One of the match maps (Match04) I did has CTF support in fact.

sorry about that version thing not having much continuety..

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Octovus unregistered
#2   24 Jan 2002
They do go for it! Humph. I was, in fact, teleporting up there to get it, and sure enough Klesk comes up and I get a big fat "Denied" (upon which he shoots me into the lava below with his RL :-p) A secret down in some lava bit or another might have been nice, but I guess that would be a bit gimmicky. Strikes me as too large for an 1v1, isn't that the idea with the match series? Well I like fast maps I guess.

The lava made water like noises. You even made a "gasping for air" noise when you came up. Kind of odd (or more than so). At least it acted normal. The teleporters were kind of in a chain, something I find annoying only because I can't stand hearing tele after tele going off. Finally, why on earth was this match02v1 and the other match03vver1??? You had me guessing different names for like 5 mins (I've gotten to the point where not all maps show in my skirmish menu, there's simply too many...even if you scroll). Oh well cool beans, 7 from me.


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Castle unregistered
#1   23 Jan 2002
Yes the bastards go for the enviro themselves.. the map is so simple its like the bots end up playing the whole level with no reall tweaking.

Anway I believe I made this with the super lowed pentium 2 machines like 233 or 266.. and it was a turtle map kind of thing.

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