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FragTastic Rep. 2323
#8   15 Jan 2012
Looks cool but its small ):.
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<:shadowzombie:> unregistered
#7   15 Nov 2002
Well shit.. you finally got this little puppie up, and running, to bad my system is down, and out so now im going to have to wait to see this sorry GKY, but all in due time i'll be back up, and running, but with the experience you been getting i know this map like your other one's will be a blast to play, and hopefully you'll be able to beta test my third map i made just before my system hit the fan. keep up the good work GKY, and like you alway's say... Eat It Bitch ha ha ha. c-ya :)
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#6   29 Jan 2002
Thanks for the feedback and votes, peeps!

Yer...I removed the launchpads in the one hallway to break up the symetry (I thought adding the armor and PG ammo would entice people to still use it) but I agree that it does break up the flow. I should have went with my gut feeling about that instead of changing it.

As to the layout not being organized I understand. It's based on the "Arena" DM theory and can get messy at times but I felt it sped up gameplay to some extent. I felt that the windows would improve both the connectivity and allow for some cross-map rail/plasma fights.

Thanx again everyone for downloading the map and for giving feedback!


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elvis unregistered
#5   29 Jan 2002
i played the larger version of this map, a long loooong time ago. was phat then, and is phat now. i liked everything but the 2 halls on the side of the main room. one have a jump pad on both sides, like the original had, and the other was empty. i found this distracting, and it messed up my flow, also it almost made the hallway unusable, or unsutable to go to constantly.

something i hated more and more when i played it was a jump pad, which had orange lights on the wall that would flash by you when you would go up.. i dont belive i seen this texture any other place on the map. i give it an 8.5 though, because it has its original aspects intact, except for a large room that had the mega health i beleive in the original. maybe if this room was included partly, it would make the gameplay more interesting to all walks of life. great work still, and i still love the teleporters, even if you stay in there too long :) but that could make for great game play too :)

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not entered unregistered
#4   28 Jan 2002
Looks good... A few interesting points (the teleporters in particular) but i found the map a bit too open. Had some fun with the railgun tho :)
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*papri-K* unregistered
#3   28 Jan 2002
Octovus wrote:"The map just didn't feel very organised in terms of layout, or at least it was a bit oversimpified. A 7 from me."

I agree.

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DukeMaster unregistered
#2   24 Jan 2002
A very well done map, action is a blast bots or peeps. A very nice addition to ones collection. I still wait Theed !! :)
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Octovus unregistered
#1   24 Jan 2002
An interesting level that doesn't have much gameplay :- I downloaded it as soon as it was released, mostly because badmojo sounded interesting but I knew my system wouldn't hear of it. The layout is a bit strange. If I remember correctly, one side of the lower level had a jumppad for quick movement and a shotgun in mid-air, otherwise being identical to it's sister. Why would anyone want to use the other end? Things like that made me looks quite nice, especially the almost "star-trekky" white lights on the lower floor (you can see them in the screen shot). The map just didn't feel very organised in terms of layout, or at least it was a bit oversimpified. A 7 from me.


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