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==================================================================== Mini Mojo by GONNAKILLYA! ==================================================================== Start Date: June 19, 2001 Finish Date: September 3, 2001 Quake3Arena Tourney/DM level ==================================================================== Title: minimojo File: minimojo.pk3 Author: GONNAKILLYA! aka: Rob Peterson Email Address: **email removed** Homepage URL: www.planetquake.com/smackdown Map info URL: www.planetqua...wn/MMojomain.html Inspiration: I needed a break from working on other projects and decided it was time I attempted to make my first Duel Tourney map. Mini Mojo is closer to the original concept that I had for Bad Mojo. The openness and connectivity with the windows overlooking the centre court were something I felt was sorely missing from the released version of Bad Mojo when I had to remove them for vis purposes. I decided that - rather than settling on Bad Mojo and forever being disappointed at what I had released - I had to attempt a version that was as I had originally envisioned. The "Director's Cut" so to speak. I've deleted over 2400 brushes and entities from Bad Mojo, removing the two main opposing outside areas entirely and adjusting some details to improve r_speeds. I also reworked the layout and teleporter destinations slightly to promote faster game play and flow. My original inspiration for this concept was several of the Rocket Arena maps from that mod. THIS ISN'T A ROCKET ARENA MAP! It is designed for Vanilla Quake 3 Arena and not the mod. Description and Tips: - the map is set in some sort of futuristic abandoned facility type dealy. - the teleporters take you through a chute system. Bad Mojo featured them as a gimmick. I thought about removing them from Mini Mojo for faster gameplay but realized it was an important aspect of the overall "Mojo" concept....so I decided to keep them. - I've added ledges to the third-floor windows. This feature allows for some rotten- bastardly double-backs and ambushes. You can strafe-jump from ledge to ledge to keep your opponent guessing and if you're not too confident in your strafe-jumping abilities, you can run along any piece of trim in the centre-court area to get from ledge to ledge. - I've tweaked the map with some custom textures from Evil Lair and Meatpack, and sounds from Death2Uall (The Sound Factory), as well as some of my own textures and sounds. - One of the lower level hallways feature a high speed "Jousting area". There is a pair of launchpads that quickly shoot you to the other end of the hall. This is a feature added simply to add to the FUN FACTOR. The bots like to have midair duels in this part of the map with any willing combatant. Boing! Wheeee!!! Bang! Dead. - Because of the openness of the map, most times you can hear your opponent so you'll usually have a vague-to-rough idea of where he/she is and can plan out yer strategy accordingly....and you're never too far from the action! Some people say that you shouldn't be able to hear your opponent that much during Tourney play, but that's their opinion. I think it adds intensity and spontaneity to the match rather than just a "First Sighting" type of encounter with your opponent. :) - Bot play has also improved over Bad Mojo. They'll either ambush you by jumping on your head from above with the Lightning Gun blazing away or rail your sorry ass from across the map. They also get a kick outta using the pinapple launcher. The bots will hunt the entire map as well as momentarily camping out a few windows for a look at the centre court area below....and they don't seem to be at all afraid of jumping out a window to grab an item or engage someone in a SmackDown. I've also personally seen Hunter run along the trim of the upper level overlooking the centre court, jump thru a window and blast Xaero in the back of the head. Sneaky bitch. - I've also been told that this map plays well using the CPM mod, although the item placement is designed primarily for Vanilla Quake III Arena. I haven't tried it using the mod, so any feedback would be cool. - I know that Mini Mojo is pretty much symetrical, but since it's such a small map and it's main design is for Duel Tourney play, I figured I'd keep it simple. I did a few things to break up the symetry but nothing too special...r_speeds, my boy! Besides....it's not a rule that all symetrical maps are boring......maybe this one is, but not all symetrical maps! :) ==================================================================== Game performance information: ****CONFIG SETTINGS****** Computer specs for Map Editing and Alpha Testing: - a panting, wheezing, totally out-of-shape-and-needing-another-cigarette Celery 533 Mhz - 32 MB ELSA nVIDIA RIVA TNT2 video card - 448 MB of system RAM Quake III settings (in-game): - Hunkmegs: 384 MB - Screen Res: 640 X 480 - Lighting mode: Lightmap - Texture bit: 16 - Colour bit: 16 - Texture detail: High - Geometry detail: Low - Texture Filter: Bilinear ***In-Game Performance (no bots): r_speeds: The r_speeds never get up to 9000 and are 3000 - 7500 on average. Some views push 8400 but that's because 99% of the map is visible in those spots. FPS: With the above settings and r_speeds my machine was averaging 40-85 FPS throughout the map with dips as low as 30 FPS. Of course you'll always lose at least 10 FPS when playing with bots. Performance may vary from system to system with different in-game configs and video card, of course. Besides...yer computer's probably faster than mine and will get better performance anyway! ;) ==================================================================== Play Information Tourney Play: yes Death Match: yes, small DM (3 players, but more if you want) CTF: nope Bot File (aas): yes (optimized). The bots featured in this map are Hunter and Xaero. New sounds: yes....several from Death2Uall, one tweaked sound effect from the Star Wars Episode One movie and several from my own personal library that I tweaked myself in Sound Forge. New graphics: yes...a few textures from Raven recreated and tweaked in Photoshop. Several textures from Evil Lair (texture pack #4 and other sets, I tweaked one in Photoshop with permission) as well as some textures from Meatpack and VR Magazine's texture sets. New music: nope, I never listen to music while playing...it distracts me from killin' How to play: - place minimojo.pk3 in your Quake III Arena/baseq3/ folder - start quake3arena - hit ~ to bring down console - type sv_pure 0 (necessary to run custom maps) Then: - type /map minimojo - press enter - add bots or players at will OR - select the map under the Skirmish menu in the single player mode with the selected bots Commence Smackdown! ==================================================================== Author Info: I am a 3D Artist/Compositor/Video Editor/Sound Designer with experience with Alias|Wavefront PowerAnimator and Maya, Softimage, 3DStudio Max, Lightwave, Media 100 and After Effects...as well as several other Graphics/Video and Sound Editing packages. Working with Radiant is both fun in its simplicity and frustrating with it's little quirks! Building 3D maps and running thru them is lotsa fun cause I'm not constrained to the one rendered view/camera angle and I am free to fully explore my little virtual worlds from any angle in real time! Coolio! The Quake III engine KICKS ASS! Mini Mojo is my fourth published q3a map. List of Maps: MonkeyMadness (Quake3): www.planetqua...mments.asp?id=564 Bad Mojo (Quake3): www.planetqua...mments.asp?id=668 Contortion (Quake3): www.planetqua...mments.asp?id=928 Mini Mojo (Quake3): THIS ONE!!!!!! Malediction (Quake3): Coming Soon! Bad Mamma Jamma CTF (Quake3): Coming Soon! Battle of Theed (Quake3): Coming Soon! FEEDBACK: I'd like to hear what you think on layout, detailing, lighting and above all else....FUN FACTOR. Please feel free to send your comments, suggestions or death threats to: email: **email removed** OR **email removed** ICQ #: 83204985 ==================================================================== Construction Editor: Q3Radiant 199 by id Software Other programs: BSPC Gui, Q3Build, Photoshop, Sound Forge, ACDSee, QuickTime Pro Known bugs: none....I hope I got them all Build time: 1 day to build, 2 months to tweak and finally release it (off and on, mostly off) Compile time: 2 hours 29 Minutes (full vis light -extra) Public Beta Versions: 2 Dealies: 1880 Brushes, 409 Entities ==================================================================== ------------------------------------------ WARM FUZZY SECTION: ------------------------------------------ Extra Special thanx to: ID SOFTWARE for making a kick-ass game as well as a kick ass engine and providing FREE tools to the community to develop levels! Q3Radiant is a seriously fun program to create with. ------------------------------------------ Very Special thanx to: BETA testers: ******Everyone listed here gave feedback and are the reason this map isn't a complete piece of crap. It's still a piece of crap but not an utter and totally, completely unequivocal, ripe-smelling piece of crap. Cheers! pjw Anwulf Sock Caffeine TheHaze Catfish IronWalker Reservoir DoG shadowzombie BFG20K GuitarMan hth Shallow[BAP] ------------------------------------------- Special thanx to: - Rocket Arena 3 for the inspiration. I think it's one of the best mods out there. Of any game. Period. - VEXAR. The teleporter chute's functionality was inspired by the multiple teleporter/portal camera chute in his map, Gateway. I tried to make them as different from his as I could so that instead of a complete rip off, it's a variation on a theme. The Gateway map can be downloaded at www.planetqua...omments.asp?id=27 Check it out! - Sock for the cool DUSTBALL skybox. I highly recommend you download his many awesome skybox sets. It can sure turn an otherwise "OK" looking map into an visual feast! Home Page:www.planetquake.com/simland/ Check 'em out! Grab his maps as well, they rock! - Yves Allaire...aka Evil Lair, for alot of the textures. Home Page: www.planetquake.com/hfx I'm honored to say that Yves Allaire has told me that Bad Mojo helped inspire him to make his Texture Set #4. To show my appreciation, I've incorporated several texture selections from that very set into Mini Mojo. It gave an old look a fresh coat of paint. I also tweaked the one floor texture (tfloor2.jpg from Set #4) in Photoshop with his permission. Thanx dude, you've got class! - Pete Parisi...aka Meatpak, for some cool textures that I tend to be using more and more. Home Page: www.badmeat.com - Raven Software for the texture inspiration. - Death2Uall for the cool sound FX. His sound sets can be downloaded from my website: www.planetqua...ownloadspage.html Email: **email removed** Kudos for letting me host your poop, dude! ------------------------------------------- Regular and Decaf thanx to: - Tigger-oN and Mandog for setting the standards of level design to be followed and for maintaining ..::LVL. They've also graciously provided the template for this coolio text file. Otherwise I'd have no idea what to put in. They really have their hands full testing and reviewing all those maps...some of them as dreadful than this one! However, I'm sure most of it is not really what I would call "tedious work". More like fun in the name of progress! I'd give my left nut to do what they do. A big thumbs up. Thru their reviews, they've directly helped me become a better mapper. - Quake3World.com and ..::LVL for their fine forum sections. - ..::LVL for their beta section. - Any other mappers and gamers in the past who gave some input on how to be a better mapper as well as those generous enough to create tutorials for me to follow to learn the shit. ==================================================================== ==================================================================== Distribution / Copyright / Legal Crapola to keep the lawyers happy (and who likes a happy lawyer?) Copyright (c) 2001, Robert Peterson, **email removed** All rights reserved. Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. Elite Force is a registerd trademark of Raven Software. Meatpak and Evil Lair textures are property of their respective owners, even the altered one. Altered sound effect from Star Wars Copyright Lucasfilm. Sound Factory sounds property of Death2Uall. All other media created by and property of Robert Peterson...so there. :) All textures and media contained within this PK3 file remain property of their respective owners. Go ahead and distribute this level....only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state. It must include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified in any way. Just email me and let me know. :) Blah, blah, blah......lawyer crap...blah, blah! ************************************************************************************************* *****HERE'S A DISLCLAIMER I MADE UP.... *****Warning: The following contains explicit text that pokes fun at both corporate buzzwords and long-winded legal vagueness. This parody may or may not contain text from a couple of real End User License Agreements! Read at your own risk. Stay tuned!!! A beta of version of GONNAKILLYA's next Quake III Arena map, Malediction will be coming soon to your local, neighborhood Walmart store......with a MSRP of $39.95 plus any applicable taxes* If you don't like having to pay for the map and the taxes that go with it....read below. *LIMITED USE AND APPLICABLE TAXES LICENSE AGREEMENT Aforementioned and heretofore said applicable taxes, hereinafter to be referred to in this strategic disclaimer solution as said taxes; without prior written or verbal consent and is to be without wrongful liability under any such act that exists; or any such act that is said to exist; or any such act that is made to exist by any means possible at any such time by any known or unknown race including but not limited to those little grey trailer-park-grandma-abducting alien bastards from the planet Orgasmatron; as to be allegedly, directly nor indirectly accountable under said taxes, through independently financed third party distribution entities including but not limited to those of aforenoted Walmart Corporation and it's millions of strategic subsidiary and independently-owned companies which all fall under the same synergistic corporate- litigation solution and it's huge, angry horde of $600/hour lawyers; over which we ourselves neither in whole or in part, directly nor indirectly, and with indemnity through litigation of any such act prior to and including but not limited to the Big Bang singularity event, as aforementioned hereinstated said taxes of it's own strategic volition and without prior written or oral knowledge including but not limited to acts of God and His subsidiaries with all God's branded and co-branded trademarks and intellectually copyright- protected materials, documentation and patented strategic product solution initiatives provided thereto, said applicable taxes may/can/will vary from province to province, state to state or to whichever nuclear-weapons- dealing, corrupted dictatorship's iron-fisted rule that you grovel under. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ THIS AGREEMENT, THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THIS AGREEMENT, AND UNDERSTAND THAT BY NOT DOWNLOADING AND CONTINUING THE INSTALLATION OF THE MINI MOJO QUAKE MAP AND ANY COPYRIGHTED ASSETS, BY NOT LOADING OR RUNNING THE MINI MOJO QUAKE MAP, OR BY NOT PLACING OR COPYING THE MINI MOJO QUAKE MAP AND COPYRIGHTED ASSETS ONTO YOUR COMPUTER HARD DRIVE OR RAM, YOU AGREE, AFTER SIGNING ANY APPLICABLE RELEASE FORMS ABSOLVING ROB PETERSON AND RELATED PARTIES OF ALL LIABILITY WHATSOEVER, TO BE BOUND BY CHAINS AND HANDCUFFS IN A DANK, SMELLY BASEMENT, FORCIBLY ZIPPED INTO A LEATHER GIMP SUIT AND VIOLATED REPEATEDLY BY GOOD 'OL BOYS BILLY-BOB AND HIS "SPECIAL FRIEND" BUBBA-KONG. THEY WILL GIVE YOU A TEXAS TAG-TEAM CORNHOLIN'. THROUGH COLLECTIVE BARGAINING NEGOTIATIONS, BOTH WILL BE WEARING MATCHING RUBBER BATMANŠ COSTUMES AND APPROVED SPLASH-GUARDS. THE SAFETY WORD IS ROSEBUD. HOWEVER BILLY-BOB AND BUBBA-KONG ARE ALMOST DEAF FROM THROWING FIRE CRACKERS AT EACH OTHER AND YOU'RE PROBABLY GOING TO HAVE A SERIOUSLY TOUGH TIME TRYING TO TALK THROUGH THAT TIGHT, SWEATY GIMP MASK ANYWAY SO YOU'LL HAVE TO REALLY SPEAK UP. THE EVENING WILL END WITH A BEER ENIMA. STRATEGICALLY PLACED CAMERAS, LIGHTS AND A STATE-OF-THE-ART DIGITAL EDITING SYSTEM WILL BROADCAST EVERYTHING LIVE ON THE INTERNET AND FOX TV's INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED PRIME-TIME FAMILY PROGRAM "WHEN REDNECKS ATTACK!". CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS FOR AVAILABILITY IN YOUR VIEWING AREA. YOUR PARENTS, HEREINAFTER TO BE REFERRED TO AS PARENTS, WILL BE FORCED TO WATCH. POPCORN AND REFRESHMENTS WILL BE SUPPLIED TO SAID PARENTS AT NO COST TO YOU, HOWEVER WE WILL SEND THE BILL AND COMPLIMENTARY GLOSSY 8 x 10 PHOTOS OF BILLY-BOB AND BUBBA-KONG WORKING YOU OVER TO YOUR BOSS WITHIN FIVE BUSINESS DAYS OR WHEN YOU GET OUT OF THE HOSPITAL, WHICHEVER IS SOONER. YOU FURTHER AGREE THAT, EXCEPT FOR DOCUMENTED SEPARATE SOLUTIONS BASED UPON THE INNOVATIVE SYNERGISTIC INITIATIVES BETWEEN ROB PETERSON AND YOU, IF ANY, THIS DOCUMENT IS A COMPLETE AND EXCLUSIVE AGREEING AGREEMENT OF THE AGREEABLE RIGHTS AND LIABILITIES OF THE PARTIES HERETO. THIS STATED AGREEMENT SUPERSEDES ALL PRIOR ORAL-SATISFACTION AGREEMENTS, STATED OR UNSTATED ORAL-SATISFACTION PROPOSALS OR UNDERSTANDINGS, AND ANY OTHER ORAL-SATISFACTION COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN ROBERT PETERSON AND YOU RELATING TO THE AFOREMENTIONED MINI MOJO QUAKE MAP AND APPLICABLE TAXES OR ORALLY-PROCURED SATISFACTION SOLUTION....in other words: blow me. WARNING: THE PRECEEDING STATEMENTS IN THE LIMITED USE AND APPLICABLE TAXES LICENSE AGREEMENT MAY HAVE BEEN OFFENSIVE AND SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN READ BY CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18 OR ANY PERSON LACKING A SENSE OF HUMOR. Ha! Ha! Ha! :) :) ==================================================================== If you've read this far.....you're not playing the map! The End. Now go 'n play! ==================================================================== // EOF
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