Date : April/26/2001
VERSION NUMBER : version 1.0
Filenames : match03ver1.bsp
Author : Russell Meakim Jr Aka Castle
Email Address : **email removed**

System Requirements: SUPER LOW!
Compiled with no T junctions to yield super low
R speeds at the cost of some slight sparkles in the


Description : Match03 A large fluffy cat OF DEATH
named after a Djbob.
He helped me with Heads down so I thought I would
name it that. This match map is small, aimed at
1 on 1 matches only but a small FFA could happen.

The Basic Idea of most of my levels:

If your playing the map that this TXT file is for
then you may know that This map is a little
different than most maps released because even
after this map is fully released as a nonbeta it
will still be a ongoing project. I am planing on
doing a DM map pack that follows this idea. These
maps that I make will be patched and released as
new versions just like they were a mod. The
Version of the map will be listed in the name.
(IE lvldm1b5 means this is the 5th beta version.)
I will try to limit the number of versions that
get released to very few to make sure that
people dont have to many conflicting versions.
It should be easy to tell if you dont have
the same version just by the name of the map


Additional Credits to : I used alot of IKs

thanks allot all of you. =)
I think thats every one. If you did help me on
this map and your not listed or you would rather
not be known. As you can see I did my best to
list every one and everything that helped me
with this map so far.


* Play Information *
Players : 1 vs 1 or 3 FFA
New music : no
New Graphics : IKs texture pack

* Construction *

Base : from scratch

Compile times: : less than a minute
Build time so far : off and on for a
few months
Editor used : GTKR

Installation and play : Unzip these (this)
file(s) into BASEQ3.
Version List For this map.
Version Info : version 1.0
Date : April/26/2001

Known bugs: No t Junction Sparkles

Fixed and added in this version :

If you find a bug or you just want to give me feed
back email me at **email removed**

* Copyright / Permissions *

Based on the fact that this map is only the first
instalment of several maps that I will make
and the fact that it is going to be updated from
time to time It would be best for you to ask me
before you place this map on a web sight or on a
CD. I will most likly say yes to what ever you ask
as long as this file is released with it and the
BSP itself is unchanged. Since this map will soon
be open sorce all mod authers interested in doing
a spin off or convertion of my map should email
me to tell me what they are going to do. All I am
saying is if you plan to do ANYTHING with this
map I want you to tell me about it and ask me
if it is ok. I may even help you with a newer
version if you ask nice enough. =)