Shakedown by Reservoir DoG
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Porto Rep. 132
#14   08 Sep 2018
With 5 bots on a high difficulty and really fast music you can't be bored by this map.
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BOSCO unregistered
#13   31 Jan 2002
Lotsa' good levels coming out over the last few weeks. This stands out. D/L this ASAP!
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.captain. unregistered
#12   28 Jan 2002
we have this map in rotation at (at least I think it's votable..) and we've had it a while.. definite keeper!
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#11   25 Jan 2002
This map rocks. I watched the development of this map and Reservoir DoG did an excellent job of tweaking and optimizing to get this map playable.

Well done Reservoir DoG and congrats on all the accolades!

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Tetzlaff unregistered
#10   24 Jan 2002
One of my absolute favourite maps look-wise! And gameplay is also quite fun.
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Commander Shween unregistered
#9   24 Jan 2002
actually, bots whine more than the people i play with.
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*papri-K* unregistered
#8   24 Jan 2002
I have this map since some months. I think this is a great done map, but don't recommend it for 1v1.
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Commander Keen unregistered
#7   24 Jan 2002
Man if you're just now getting this map you are slow.

His latest map is epoch and it rocks too. :)

I love playing the BOTS on the BFG version of Shakedown. cause none of my online buddy's are man enough to play it. But every version of this map rocks!

hint:BOTS don't whine ;)

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Jay unregistered
#6   24 Jan 2002
I only played FFA when testing the map. I honestly forgot that I had 8 other reviews to do, and played this one for about a half hour against Doom, Lucy, and Sarge.
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Octovus unregistered
#5   24 Jan 2002
Had to do a search on my PC to see if I had this file; sure enough, I do. My memory is fading, but I remember it as quite nice looking (if similar to the deluge of brown-techish maps out there) with not too interesting gameplay. The RG and RL quickly become too much of a focus, and since they are placed the closest to the action there's not much reason to venture from the main area. Bots are ok, but hardly something to lose track of time playing...ok, maybe that's just because I have an exam in an hour...

Er a 7 from me, which at this point seems to be what the other 2 voters have given it.


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wviperw unregistered
#4   23 Jan 2002
I loved the texture set and construction on this level. But I agree w/ hannibal--it gets pretty boring on 1on1. But that could just be because I was playing a bot. FFA is much better.

And yes, "Epoch" has both the great visuals AND the GOOD gameplay.

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hannibal unregistered
#3   23 Jan 2002
try this...his site has moved I believe.

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{TH}*ScOrPiUs unregistered
#2   23 Jan 2002
i get a 403 forbidden message when i try to go to the authors site. reason??
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hannibal unregistered
#1   23 Jan 2002
Dueling is somewhat of snore here (in either CPMA or VQ3), FFA ain't too bad. But once you grab a hold of "Epoch" (rdogdm4), Dog's latest release, you'll see how far the man has come in crafting a tourney level. This map is really a stepping stone to the joy that is Epoch. :)
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