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Out on a Limb
Out on a Limb by Tigger-oN
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FragTastic Rep. 946
#71   09 Jan 2012
Wonderful Map!
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 1060
#70   31 Jan 2011
BTW, I agree with what an anonymous poster said here - this would be so awesome to have as a QL premium map. Plus since the source file is released under the OGSL, it wouldn`t involve much legal hassle and therefore less paperwork. This would be fun in Freeze Tag, for sure. You reading this SyncError?
Edited: 10 Feb 2011 AEST
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spirit Rep. 391
#69   31 Jan 2011
@SW12: Because it is the featured map on the front page? ;)
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SW12 unregistered
#68   31 Jan 2011
This map isn't new. So how is it until now its getting noticed?
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Tig Rep. 764
#67   29 Jan 2011
Thanks for the nice feedback! After all these years it is nice to read. I'm also glad to see that listing this one as a featured map does not appear to be too out of line.
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 1060
#66   29 Jan 2011

Good map, I think you accomplished the "freehand" style quite well. Curved accel pads are a nice touch. Good vertical action. Comes to show that sometimes it`s best not to plan ahead? ;)
Edited: 29 Jan 2011 AEST

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cityy Rep. 240
#65   29 Jan 2011
Shameless self-promotion! You are lucky it's an awesome map. ;P
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Anonymous unregistered
#64   21 Feb 2010
Cant we get this map onto quake live?
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Hooyaah Rep. 410
#63   26 Apr 2009
How have I overlooked this map? Not only do bots do well in this map, they live in it. It was
a challenge, one that I appreciated ardently, to learn the map quickly to prevent being smoked by even bots of average skill. With human opponents this map rocks hard and seems well suited to 2 vs. 2 and 4 in FFA. The map screams realism and has a nice array of spawn points and ambush sites. Weapons are well suited to this theater as are the RA and YA. This one will live in my PC forever! I give it 9.5 out of 10.
Rock on Tigger-oN!
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Anonymous unregistered
#62   25 Apr 2009
Yea this map has architecture and a combo of texture sets that make it 100% unique. People who obsess over sticking to a theme and following conventions just dont make authentic maps like this one. great!
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Tig Rep. 764
#61   25 Apr 2009
@cityy: Thanks heaps for the kind words and vote! Glad to hear you liked it :]
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cityy Rep. 240
#60   25 Apr 2009
I was downloading this some time ago and now I'm feeling quite sad about maybe never seeing a next release coming from you Tig. :/ ^^ Playing this is real fun. In my opinion it has everything what a good map should have. I really like the connection of the rocks and the water area with some tech like textures and the straight layout which is easy to keep in head.
Jumping to the RG from the top area after taking up the YA and the MH will give you the chance to rock your enemys and turn around the game.
One time a bot was waiting for me over the +50health near the SG to blow my head away - didn't know how he got there 'cause I didn't know this spot yet :'D I had a lot of surprises playing this map - thank you for creating this one!
After thinking about voting a long time I gave it a 10 because of it's originality which made it perfect for me.

Everyone reading this shouldn't miss this map!

Edited: 25 Apr 2009 AEST
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headrot Rep. 80
#59   02 Nov 2008
I concur! I have loved this map since its release, so good it almost makes you give up mapping! Love the way it plays in CPM also, it's like a space map in parts?
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LGD*Foralarx unregistered
#58   13 Jan 2006
Tig's Den was a excellent map and this one sure followed in it's footsteps. Over the years I've enjoyed many a game on this with bot and clan mates alike. Conectivity is awesome.
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BungalowJumper unregistered
#57   08 Jun 2004
My house lan mates and i only ever play Q3 modded with Fobik mod (rails and rockets)
and then we only evre play on this map.

the sheer scope of movement round this map when u got a rocket jump is unreal and a skillfull rocket jumper can cover the entire level in a few secs.

is there any add ons that will make my bots actually do rocket jumps to get to places? coz even the nightmare bots get owned when u start bouncing off the walls!

i rated it as a 10 for just being clever. pity the bos get stuck under the red rooms jump pad and fry in the lava tho. nm hey

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lustmord{GEZ} unregistered
#56   04 Aug 2003
wowow fun map, love the rail action on nightmare, its freakin scary!
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#55   13 Apr 2003
Shagz: I test my levels on a fresh Q3A install before releasing them. There are no missing textures with this map. There are a number of thing that could be producing a missing texture at your end however. You may have a beta version of the map. Anything named tig_beta* or tig_alpha* should be deleted. Someone else could be using textures from the map and they could have screwed up the .shader file. Another problem is a different level could have a damaged .shader file (something that start with a letter before 'tig_') and this is effecting all levels that come after it.

You can find out what level is causing the problem by moving all the .pk3 files out of the baseq3 folder (execpt the pakX.pk3 ones) then add the custom .pk3 files back (a few at a time) until the missing texture problem turns up. You will then find which level is causing the problem. Its a hassel, but it works :]

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Shagz unregistered
#54   26 Mar 2003
Missing Texture?

I seem to be missing a texture in a shader used in this map. Sorry, can't remember the path off the top of my head right now, but it was a base wall texture (I think base_wall_alpha_a or something like that). In the map, it's located on the curved wall that's hollowed out for the circlular jump pads that bounce you up to higher levels.

Am i missing that ID texture pack that they put together for mappers? Or does anyone else have this problem?

Otherwise, GREAT map, great game flow and nice geometry/organics without killing the frame rates.

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Flusyndrome unregistered
#53   12 Mar 2003
Very nice map with nice fresh textures, good smooth travelling and great bot action. Liked it so much that with the author's permission I added painkeep inventory for my mod of choice pkarena. Very nice map!
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Yarg unregistered
#52   28 Feb 2002
I really like the level. Nice work. Gave it a 8.5, but that rounds off to a 9. Maybe when I finally get around to making my first map, hopefully, it will be this good.
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#51   13 Feb 2002
Just putting my vote in, 8 from me. Think everything else is already covered, nice map. :)
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#50   06 Jan 2002
Wow! heaps of great comments. I would have been great be at a LAN with 340 people and see the map being played. Is there are demos from the LAN?

The bots should play well, I spent about 2 weeks tweaking them (thats about 4 to 5 hours each night for 2 weeks)

Thanx everyone for checking out the map and enjoying it, even xfoo and hubster (who i throught would not enjoy it much as its too open for them :])

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Pino unregistered
#49   05 Jan 2002
Great Map Tig
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Binaryshi unregistered
#48   05 Jan 2002
Right now I'm at this LAN for three days in Belgium, in a big hall together with Kannon, TCB01, Captain@Godmode and >340 others DeathMatchers, and finally got a chance to play this map against real people. Its a terrible good map and everyone agrees. Well got to go now to do guess what...=)
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KaNNoN unregistered
#47   05 Jan 2002
After playing this map a few times it was clear to me that it really rox ;-> I love the great open space near the red armor , a great place for air frags. The two jump pads crossing eachother provide a nice confusing fight for you enemys when they dont keep there eyes on you which is very nice to frag them by suprise. I off now gonna play this baby some more .

KaNNoN Reporting from a custom map LAN server ;->>>

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Binaryshi unregistered
#46   03 Jan 2002
I don't know the whole map quite well yet. But I know since the first days playing it, every time I play it, I discover new things to do and see the map with different eyes. I expect to have this for the coming time. It's very enjoyable. For a small-medium map ,it is very concentrated with all the setups and paths build in.

The 3D scrolling experience is excellent when navigating around, as the neatly designed scene of one area smoothly flows into the next. Most of all in this, I like the way you're able to bring and blend all those totally uniquely designed areas seamlessly together in a natural way, meaning without any disturbance at all to eachother. You must be proud to come up with this one and must have had a nice time building it. Very good piece of work; I like it!

Where's that button...o here...=)

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satch unregistered
#45   02 Jan 2002
cool @misfear ; ) bots are brillaint.
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monaco unregistered
#44   30 Dec 2001
The bots here are just incredible. They work the whole map, it's great. The curvy accelerator pad launch usually annoy me, but with the canyon wall there it makes sense as you can see your path ahead of you.

I think the teleporters should be taken out though, we never use them here. Have a 9!!

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McBugzz unregistered
#43   30 Dec 2001
I agree with xfoo. The map does look good, high quality, detailed, bla bla bla, but I don't like the idea with the bouncepads sending you round the wall: never liked anything like that. Besides, maybe it's just me, and I just didn't run around enough, but I kept thinking what part of the level I'm in now.
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elendeNATTER! unregistered
#42   28 Dec 2001
"no eye candy" ? hmm I think it has some... it's fast though...

not too much textures and the design is good though

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Spawn_Reaper unregistered
#41   27 Dec 2001
Great map man.Smooth clean no eye candy...Fast... all in alll a damn fine map...keep up the good craftmanship.......Happy Fragging
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[p]ro-pain unregistered
#40   27 Dec 2001
it simply rocks! Checked it out and ended up playing and playing....excellent change of scenery!
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stryker unregistered
#39   27 Dec 2001
Cool Map -- really great gameplay just like your Tig_Den

Great graphics.

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Taurus unregistered
#38   27 Dec 2001
Cool and nice map with these 'bent' launchpads

What I really like is that it is so open but still compact

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Bucker unregistered
#37   26 Dec 2001
I really like the jump pads that bend around the walls, cool idea.
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Octovus unregistered
#36   26 Dec 2001
From the comments, yes, but from the score apparently not. I could go either way :-)
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xfoo unregistered
#35   25 Dec 2001
Am I the only person who feels this map isn't actually that great?
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rokscott unregistered
#34   24 Dec 2001
I've been playing this map against the bots now for about a week and all I can say is.... SUPERB!!!

9 from me.

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elendeNATTER! unregistered
#33   24 Dec 2001
AWESOME Piece again Tigger...

COMBINATION of good Gameplay &

Eyecandy !.. ;0)waiting for more

would have been cool for OSP !

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Octovus unregistered
#32   24 Dec 2001
Bosco, just wondering what made you think novelty in the first place. Doesn't strike me that it really has much in the way of gimmicks...
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Bosco unregistered
#31   23 Dec 2001
Knee-jerk reaction: Novelty Map
20 Minutes Later: Addicted

Great fun, great work

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9824hf unregistered
#30   23 Dec 2001
This is a great map. I just wish it was one of the included maps in OSP 1.0.

Anybody know if they're planning on making additional "official" osp map packs?

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duh unregistered
#29   23 Dec 2001
I was going to download it but theres a 15 minute on fileplanet. Looks like a really nice map though.

Yes I rate maps I havnt played aren't I intelligent.

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Meatboy Dogfood unregistered
#28   22 Dec 2001
Love the Nuuyuk style acccelerator twist and turn pads. I crave a map with rocket jump advanages so this fills the bill. Love the postioning of the GL and the abilty to rain death on all below me. The only niggle is the teleporters where not easy to spot the first go around. Fine map.
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Meatboy Dogfood unregistered
#27   22 Dec 2001
Love the Nuuyuk style acccelerator twist and turn pads. I crave a map with rocket jump advanages so this fills the bill. Love the postioning of the GL and the abilty to rain death on all below me. The only niggle is the teleporters where not easy to spot the first go around. Fine map.
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syslink unregistered
#26   22 Dec 2001
WOW! What a map. I like the botanical theme and the few option to trickjump around :) Bots play well and the fps doesn't fall down. You done a very good job!

Enjoy and happy x-mas,


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elvis unregistered
#25   20 Dec 2001
this is a great map.

worth everyones hard drive space ! !

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The Loader unregistered
#24   20 Dec 2001
finally back to write something good --> indeed I like the map tig, also had no problems finding the teleport.... let´s go out to play in the garden
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OverKill unregistered
#23   20 Dec 2001
Yeah Octovus i had a good laugh as well abour the winzip stuff up, even my wife had a good laugh at it lol hehe.
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Octovus unregistered
#22   20 Dec 2001
I knew it was the teleporter...but only because I read this thread and was on the lookout :-) OverKill, the winzip mixup made me laugh at least :-)
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dark.xiv unregistered
#21   19 Dec 2001
Nice map :) As for the teleporters: Perhaps if you'd put some animated effect behind that red thingy it would be easier to recognize as a teleporter.

Still, plays very well!

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OverKill unregistered
#20   19 Dec 2001
Hay max if ya want tunes just use winamp and have it on directsound and if ya have ra3 installed play the ra3 music or mp3's in winamp you plobley already know that but just thought id say it anyway hehe :)
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Max unregistered
#19   19 Dec 2001
The only bitch i have is there is no tunes..........
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wviperw unregistered
#18   19 Dec 2001
StormShadow: its 6 months... (at least so far for me :))

gave the map a 9, I've always like the texture set/theme.

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StormShadow unregistered
#17   19 Dec 2001
Nice map! Did it sit in the map qeue for 5 months too? :P

GJ, gave it an 8, really enjoyed the gameplay, there were a few texture choices that didnt seem to fit imo, but other than that, a really good map, ill keep it on my hd for a while.

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not entered unregistered
#16   19 Dec 2001
Mmmmm... Botanical.
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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#15   19 Dec 2001
Ahh, you did change the respawn time of the Mega. Ahh!!!

Increasing the time helps move emphasis away from that area of the map, but doing so turns the map into a running contest (as opposed to a running / short-distance movement blend) and the number of paths quickly leading to either armor is rather small, which makes it a bit harder to break control of a given armor. I'm slightly turned off by this sort of scenario, but the random Megahealth respawn simply makes Quake 3 even more random. It makes games less predictable, which on the one hand makes games more exciting, but on the other hand, it makes a game a less reliable judge of which player is actually better, since luck inevitably plays a role.

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OverKill unregistered
#14   18 Dec 2001
Sweet map Tigger-oN nice open space to frag in, good atmospher nice lagout, great for rail practice,your mapping is getting better by the minute tigger keep up the good worl m8, look forward to more maps from you.:) OverKill
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Octovus unregistered
#13   18 Dec 2001
Another release from Tigger! It's certainly the most atmospheric yet, though despite my saying that, it is where most of my issues with the level lie. I really like the basic theme of it kind of being abandoned but in a japanese garden kind of why...let nature take it's course but not let it take over, you know? Though that's nothing like a japanese garden I guess. Never mind.

The lava really was out of place, and the gothic-like textures found in the odd place really took away from it for me. Trims or whatever would be fine, but some hallways were fully decorated with them. Just struck me as odd.

Gameplay is king though, and it struck home there. The accelerator pads are a great technique and it's nice to see them implemented carefully. The bots even seem to understand them. The level is certainly big enough to accomadate a bunch of peeps if you please, but works with small numbers as well. If there's one disused area, it is the room containing the PG; the lack of clip for it makes it even less appealing than the other available weaponry. I also think the MH should either be swapped with the RA or have some more items put next to the RA, but I'm probably wrong. Two RLs is definitely a plus (the classic anti-camper technique; add in a not-too-usefully placed RG and down the campers go. Well, they have to move before they can roast marshmallows, anyways).

Um, certainly if you liked any of his earlier work download it. It's definitely a fun FFA level, and it's up that level from a map worth playing to a map you should play and think about, but it's still not quiiite there; nevertheless...it's a...darnit...8 from me! (How I wish there was an 8.5 :-( )


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BobyCounter -DMU- unregistered
#12   18 Dec 2001
Very Nice and by that I mean VERY! I'll give it an "A" the artitecture is great weapons place good I've only did bot ffa so far but looking forward to real fragging fun game play. All in All a I loved it....
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Kell unregistered
#11   18 Dec 2001
The gameplay is strong. I've only played with bots so far: 1 v 1 with Klesk was good, not fast, but good. It was obvious early on that railgunning was important, but it's not an exclusively rail-dependent map.

The accelerator stuff looked hokey until I tried it and it became vital to success. I ditched in the lava only once following a collision with The Loud Spiky dude.

I also tried 3 player FFA.

The pads fling players so far it's possible to acquire many of the major items in a few seconds. The YA/MH/RGammo proximity has been mentioned. How much of this can be exploited by seriously tactical players I can't tell yet, but I liked it. The GL is only good for spamming the RL in the water.

All the bots became preoccupied with the j-pad beside the SG, just along from the RG. The only time they get the RA is when they spawn next to it, which meant I acquired that far more often than the MH.

As for the design, I think the tall pillars are very forest like ( which I guess is the point ) and the green moss/water/jpads all fit together pretty well. So I think you should remove the lava in favour of something else...orange-red mixed in a map with lime green is a bad color combination. Alternatively, remove the greens in favour of more browns and reds.

The texture on the roof of the broad tunnel with the SG...I know it's a wood texture, but change it.

Making the teleporters different from the standard models is fine, but at least make them animate or sumthin' :)

Your stairs could do with better trim texturing.

It's a good map, but hey you did ask what I thought.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#10   18 Dec 2001
Pure Imaginary: I hear what you are saying and in a tourney game that 100h area would be the place to try and control for sure (which is not a bad thing anyway). In a FFA things are a little different as someone could come at you from a few angles. A few rockets or rail slugs shot into that room, however would knock someone around enough that they would come out of it (I hope). The 100h also is on an extended time with a random value as well. It will respawn anywhere from 50 to 80 seconds (from memory) so it would be hard to time a pick-up.

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Potato Joe unregistered
#9   18 Dec 2001
I don't download that many 3rd party maps, but after checking out this one, it's gonna stay on my HD for awhile. Very nice in my opinion. Played with bots for over an hour and didn't want to stop.....hmm, I think I'll fire it up now.

: )

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nny unregistered
#8   18 Dec 2001
omg what a assucking in here

this map thinks all the way

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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#7   18 Dec 2001
Still, we are talking about a pretty good map, as there is strong connectivity in some areas.
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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#6   18 Dec 2001
I don't want to talk much about the artitecture so much in this map; there are some less obvious but very makable jumps that allow for some creative player movement, but there are some accelerater pads that usually leave players taking falling damage.

From the item side of things, my primary concern is the rail clip/Megahealth combo that is near the Yellow Armor. Given there is a Railgun and a Rocket Launcher close by, the section of the map containing these items is very important, and given the construction of this area, this section also has lots of cover. Since the Red Armor is a very vulnerable item, a typical good player should comfortably win by holding the area containing the RL/RG/slugs/Megahealth/Yellow Armor, and by attacking the other player while he/she attempts to take the Red Armor and the lesser items. On a side note, a PG clip should have been included for fairness, although I don't feel the GL is useful enough in this level to warrant another clip.

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Amethyst7 unregistered
#5   18 Dec 2001
Very nice, Tigger-oN. Shouldn't you have someone review it though? ;-p

I like the teleport, good to see something different. Lots of fun.

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Barce unregistered
#4   17 Dec 2001
Good map.

It will have a place in my february quake lan party :-)

Vertical, rail and close action are present in this map.

Your experience rating maps is shown here.

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wviperw unregistered
#3   17 Dec 2001
yea!! I've been waiting for this map. :) Downloading now, and will be back w/ feedback later. (either on here, or at q3w if you posted it there)
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Comic Relief unregistered
#2   17 Dec 2001
I've gotta agree with Blitzz on the teleporter thing. It took me a while to realize that the teleporters were teleporters. The level is deceptively large. When I first played with 3 bots, I sometimes had trouble finding the 'action'. So I increased to 5 bots, and the level really came alive. Item placement and general gameplay with 6 players is a lotta fun!
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Blitzz unregistered
#1   17 Dec 2001
Hmm, I've played it with bots for awhile, nice gameplay, that's for sure =)

I'm not really into the combination of textures myself (I hate the brick and then the colour techno of the jumppads e.g.), and you might wat to make those teleporters a LITLE bit more obvious... I saw all the bots teleporting and I was looking for that Personal Teleport power-up al the time until I bumped into a wall and got teleported =)

Other than that, nice map...It's staying on my hd =)

8 from me

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