Aerumnosus by LoJiK
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051R15 unregistered
#5   25 Sep 2009
OK... it's a 3wave texture that the author didn't include.


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O51R15 unregistered
#4   19 Sep 2009
Would've been a decent map with a unique layout, but the missing texture really annoys me.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5758
#3   03 Aug 2008
I have to defend LoJiK here this is a very well thought out tourney map that is infact very tidy and plays fast. Worth a try in CPM too - the spiral staircase comes in handy here. If 2 players are simply controlling their spots then all you are left with is a stand off - and a pretty "chicken" way of playing a tournament. I play at home with 1 or 2 friends and while fast matches can be fun - they're a little pre-mature - 5 minutes and its all over. A good tourney is 1 where you are evenly matched, where both players are struggling to take control of the whole map and where you lose all sense of time, becoming absorbed in each and every moment of the game. i'm not keeping this 1 and only because of the missing texture near the red armour and i find the depiction of jesus which i find offensive in a map (the whole worship of suffering that is attached to it - 1 exception has been made with Dead Souls but i replaced the jesus textures) but it is 1 of the best Q3 tourney maps
Edited: 04 Aug 2008 AEST
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pjw unregistered
#2   16 Dec 2001
I've been playing this one for a while, and the layout is a bit of a challenge to learn well, but once you do, you can have some very interesting (albeit more strategic than frantic) tourney games. The teleporter double-jump to the YA is a nice touch as well. I look forward to more maps from LoJiK . . .
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wviperw unregistered
#1   15 Dec 2001
the reviews pretty accurate on this one. Some quality map construction using the standard gothic. The layout is kind of odd though.
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