Aerumnosus by LoJiK

A convoluted warren of tunnels, plazas and dungeons in the Gothic theme. Many fascinating features are worked, rather haphazardly, into the layout. A tight spiral staircase, a flesh-pillared walkway, several teleporters of various sizes and a bloody maw that emits a gruesome moan. The teleporters actually bear the Quake 1 starfluid texture. Another Quake 1 type inclusion is a platform lift: it's well built, but slow compared to a jump pad.

A good array of items are scattered throughout, but negotiating the map to reach them is often perplexing. Usually a long sequence of areas must be traversed to get where you want to go and few of them are large enough to allow medium or long range attacks. Tactical manoeuvring is difficult given the time this requires: ambushes and item control are uncommon.

The destinations of the teleporters and j-pads take time to learn, and some are more useful than others. All this makes tournament play painfully slow - although not presented for FFA, I recommend it as the best way to enjoy this map.

Bots play poorly, struggling with the layout and some of the j-pads. During tourney with bots, the fragrate averaged about 1 per minute. Bots retaliate well in the open areas, but the complexity of the map allows for any number of escape routes.

A very messy layout, which nonetheless provides some good fragging.

Reviewed by Kell

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (7 votes)

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