The Very Beginning Of Me
The Very Beginning Of Me by swar)v(

As the name suggests, not only is this the 'beginning' of the authors mapping experience, it's also based on q3tourney6. The similarities are mostly the forest of pillars on the main platforms and the floating Red Armour and Teleport Rune. The BFG is thankfully omitted and the remaining item placement is entirely different. Only one Rail Gun is present, on the center top, where it's quickly reached via two accelerators.

An odd aspect is the small pool on which the Rail Gun spawns: it is possible to run across the gun without falling through, but it can also be used to drop down onto the lowest plate where 50 health and the Rocket Launcher are found. Initially it's an awkward manoeuvre, but it becomes useful once you're used to it. One of the most distinct inclusions in the map is a pair of Lightning Guns used for closer range frags.

Unlike q3tourney6, most of the texturing is pale gray geometrics with some blue circuitry around the edges. Lighting is crisp and clear. The level is clearly designed for FFA, Tourney is also possible, but as the author states, sniping from the RG position is pretty easy. Bots play very well. The Rail Gunners amongst them can really show off their skill.

Fans of space maps should check this one out.

Reviewed by Kell

Ranked: 3.4 out of 5 (10 votes)

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