Gothic by OUTCAST
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gooball Rep. 1091
#8   08 Jun 2011
ive seen gothicier
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Europa unregistered
#7   23 Apr 2001
For a 1st map from a 15 year-old it is quite good. Yes, BFG is overkill, could be clip around the mouth & I saw a bit of flicker but I quite liked it!
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Leviathen unregistered
#6   24 Mar 2000
Wooooah, just a sec, reviews arn't all s'posed to be nice. After all what we're all considering doing here is using our precious bandwidth to download summink we hope will be fun. That being the case if we shouldn't waste the time, effort and expense we need a review telling us that. In essence I agree with Assball. Sorry guys but I do. That sed I like the aesthetic on this level, nice use of textures and no going mad with all the features availible. Nice effort, very nice, but not a stayer for me I'm afraid. Looking forward to the next release tho.
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Heretic unregistered
#5   24 Feb 2000
Assball where are your maps at??? I have yet to see you mak one decent comment about anyones' maps. Until you make a map that everyone agrees is the best shut the hole!
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-=<<<Bi0>>>=- unregistered
#4   19 Feb 2000
Found this map enjoyable, mainly with just me an a couple of the guys. It has a good look to it and I agree with llabsa, that if you haven't got anyhting nice to say, make a map to prove you can do better.
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llabssa unregistered
#3   18 Feb 2000
hey assball, your smarmy comments are beginning to annoy me... let's see YOU build a map before you offer up any more destructive remarks...
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Outcast unregistered
#2   17 Feb 2000
Well, this is my first level, and i am 15 years old, and this level has been sent 4 weeks ago, and i thinck which it don´t had arrived, and now this level is repaired and finished, if you would like to send this level othertime...

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AssBall unregistered
#1   15 Feb 2000
Ok.. this is to ANYONE who is making a map out there. DO NOT PUT THE BFG AND THE QUAD IN A LEVEL THAT CONSISTS SOLELY OF TWO SMALL ROOMS. That said, this map was too small and was hard to get around in.
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