Temple of Boom
Temple of Boom by Kchrk K'a
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DaveBulow unregistered
#6   04 Apr 2000
They're being a bit hard, aren't they. This map isn't as bad as they make out, especially if it's a first map.

I'm not saying this is a great map, just not bad for a first attempt!!!!

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Kchrk K'a unregistered
#5   19 Feb 2000
hey, I don't know what to say... they only let us at the computers once a day for an hour here at the asylum... the doctors say that I might be out in a year or two, depending on how overcooked my NEXT map is...

well, the sence (sic!) in putting out maps for morons to scoff at is to get some relevant feedback. This map was done in the initial and very likely foolhardy excitement of actually getting something out of a level editor. for most people here, it's a hobby, and while I can (and will) adhere to some of the criticism (like missing caulk and ap's, which I didn't even know about when I started building 2 1/2 months ago), I think an open forum like this could be used more efficiently; plus, not everyone that builds maps has 36 hours a day to spend on doing just that. The "beta" post is a great idea, oh mighty lvl-lord, and hopefully will be up soon.

That said, I give my map a "4", and suggest you go visit www.somethingawful.com for a very funny review... :-)

AssBall... get a dictionary, a life, or at the very least an inflatable doll.

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Jim unregistered
#4   16 Feb 2000
Veni, vidi, deleti.

(I came, I saw, I deleted.)

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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#3   16 Feb 2000
You guys are on crack...this map rox!How can a map not have flow{unless it's like that goblin map}but it's all in how"you"work with it,not neccessarily the map!Further more,how did none of the layout make sence?It is pretty straight forward!it's not like there were intricate paths,rooms,or hallways!
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AssBall unregistered
#2   15 Feb 2000
This map was horrible, I thought. None of the layout made any sence and the map had no flow at all. It was too dark, and it had too much..well..bullshit (exterraneous garbage).
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Kancer unregistered
#1   14 Feb 2000
The layout and design is kinda interesting but it just plays bad in it's current state. I'd like to see some problems in the level fixed, then I think more people would enjoy it.
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