Pure Evil
Pure Evil by Castle
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FragTastic Rep. 2251
#15   21 Jan 2012
Loving the snow effect. Will download later..
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#14   07 Jun 2011
This map is in the True Combat mod. I just wish the let you in the outside area like in here.
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Quebus unregistered
#13   01 Nov 2002
Impressive work from a mapping standpoint but the gameplay makes baby Jesus cry
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Castle unregistered
#12   31 Aug 2001
I think people who are fans of resident evil or people who want to make such a mod for quake 3 would get a kick out of this one.

As far as playing the map. The best weapons are shot gun plasma and guantlet. ;)

I included the BFG but not really as something you can just get. it takes a long time for the door to open after you grab the ammo box.

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TheProf unregistered
#11   30 Aug 2001
Very impressive. I would like to have seen a few more surprises as far as little things (Like the skulls in the display cases) but that's really being picky. The great thing is the map is as playable as it was nice to look at. Must have map that i gave a 10 to.
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BlOoD_mUtAnT unregistered
#10   30 Aug 2001
so i see you used evil's textures, not to shaby. I did see some small mistakes though.

For example, the bathroom mirrors, one of the bottom br's doesn't have a mirror, and the two that do, don't match the frame, the upstairs bathroom has only half a frame too. The showers in the br's r too small for humans. right above from the two comps right across from the rail gun one of the wall textures is different then the rest of the wall, and rite next to that the rail texture is differen't then the other rail textures.Over all it's a pretty good map.

P.S. how the hell do you get the BFG???

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pr-0 unregistered
#9   30 Aug 2001
man, this map really sucks....
there's no gameflow or goodgameplay....
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Whiskey 7 unregistered
#8   27 Aug 2001
A really 'must have' map.

BFG a little tricky to get sometimes - that how it should be.

Incredible attention to detail.

Nice, top map Castle.

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Octovus unregistered
#7   26 Aug 2001
Umm I didn't even realise this map was by Castle...not that that is anything special per se, but you can tell it's been around the block. Check out his newer stuff at www.planetquake.com/lacedneptune , it's well worth your time....

And yeah, it could work pretty well for Urban Terror. Plus I am a bit of a UT player, so...


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Kurt Cobain unregistered
#6   26 Aug 2001
Load up on guns; bring your friends...
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Castle unregistered
#5   26 Aug 2001
This levels .map is inside the pk3 and I have no problems with the level being reworked for UT as long as credit is given and such.
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#4   26 Aug 2001
Or what about Urban Terror? I think with the slower movements the tight environment works better, and the setting is excellent (I´m no UT player though, just took a look at it).
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#3   26 Aug 2001
If there are any singleplayer mods in the works (I mean real singleplayer, not deathmatch against bots), they should definetely include this map! :)
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Octovus unregistered
#2   26 Aug 2001
How long has this been out? Seems to me I played it AGES ago with a friend.

It's nothing to play seriously, but it's on par with some of the "haunted house" maps were you go for the experience...not because you're expecting to go "WOW this map plays amazingly!"

And it's nice to see the author isn't afraid to admit as much

Whether you have a nice system or not, it's probably worth giving it a go if you're still stuck in the stage where Q3 can make you go wow. I would worry if you've gotten out of that stage, personally. Little technology whores :-p

Interesting map, with some good gameplay ideas tossed in. I like being able to explore something from an author's mind that I might, theoretically, actually encounter in real life. Minus a few of the explosive weapons perhaps.

A 7 from me, which is what I'll score it, but an 8 for the wow factor :-)


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Castle unregistered
#1   26 Aug 2001
Yep that review is dead on in my opinion.
Its a neat map that I created after playing through Resident evil code name Veronica on the DC.
Its a neat level however game play is just to tight to be serious.
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