Pure Evil
Date : May/28/2000
VERSION NUMBER : Version 1.0
Title : Pure Evil
Filenames : Casdm7v1.bsp
Author : Russell Meakim Jr Aka Castle
Email Address : **email removed**

System Requirements: Medium
This map should run fine on most set ups.

Description : Pure Evil has finally reached full
release quality. Its been a long time that this
level has been sitting on the back burner but now
I think its ready to be released. I do get some
complaints about the level being a tiny bit to dark
in some spots so I did brighten it up a tiny bit so
you can see where you are walking. The level is
meant to be dark so it was a tough call if I wanted
to brighten the whole map up or leave it as is.
Also the BFG secret is a bit different now than it
was before. When you grab a box of BFG ammo 500
seconds later the door will open. I was going to do
a lot more with this level but time is a major
problem right now and I am also sick of working
on these old projects anyway.


Additional Credits to :I give out a lot of
Credit to Evil and his mad texture skills
that made this level possible. With out the
HFX texture pack this level would have never
even been started! I have had help from a lot
of people around the comunity with feedback
but mainly quake 3 world forums have helped
me shape the level up in many ways.

thanks allot all of you. =)
I think thats every one. If you did help me on
this map and your not listed or you would rather
not be known. As you can see I did my best to
list every one and everything that helped me
with this map so far.


* Play Information *
Players : 2 to 8 FFA
New music : An Aphex Twin song not included in the release
New Graphics : Evils texture set

* Construction *

Base : From Scratch

Build time so far : started on October/16
completed May/28
Editor used : Q3radiant

Installation and play : Unzip these (this)
file(s) into BASEQ3.
Version List For this map.
Version Info : Version 1.0
Date : October/13/2000

Known bugs:

Fixed and added in this versio :

If you find a bug or you just want to give me feed
back email me at **email removed**

* Copyright / Permissions *

If you plan to do ANYTHING with this
map I want you to tell me about it and ask me
if it is ok. I may even help you with a newer
version if you ask nice enough. =)