Bitter Embrace
Title : Bitter Embrace
PK3 Name : mrcq3t6.pk3
Date : August 19, 2001
Author : Todd 'Mr.CleaN' Rose
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page :

Thanks to : id Software (of course), betatesters

betatesters : folks, Jeff Yost & the Ramshackle crew, ztn

Addtional Info : The OSP version of this map utilizes notffa and nottournament
keys (thanks to a|rhea) which allows osp to use only one bsp version.
The pk3 for VQ3 release includes separate bsps for tourney and ffa play.
The only difference between the two modes is weapon respawn times and a regen in ffa.
tourney is mrcq3t6 (15 sec respawns)
ffa is mrcq3t6_ffa (standard 5 sec respawns)


Release Candidate, ver 0.85 (8.18.01) -Reversed spotlights, changed tex on eifs

Release Candidate, ver 0.8 (8.13.01) -cosmetic changes

Beta Layout, ver 0.7 (8.08.01) -cosmetic changes
-moved tele_dest from floor of GL area to stair landing
-increased height of MH drop access

Beta Layout, ver 0.6 (8.06.01) -added jp from ground floor to YA ledge

Beta Layout, ver 0.5 (7.29.01) -minor clipping fixes
-changed weap respawn to 15 sec
-cosmetic changes: new jp & light textures, new sky, wall textures

Alpha Layout, ver 0.35 (7.16.01)-deepened MH pit
-added clips to trestles
-added sourced lighting
-started detailing process

Alpha Layout, ver 0.30 (7.3.01) -modified LG/stairs area to be more playable
-added some detailing (2 new textures)
-initial hint brush & cluster portal placement
-added target_locations (there are probably a few "dead" spots)
-this release includes a custom bot in a separate pk3
if anyone tests the bot out, let me know how it works
I've watched several bot games & it seems to play fine.
I am aware of instances of bot confusion in the RL room, I'll try to fix it before final

Alpha Layout, ver 0.25 (6.28.01)-Moved MH into GL room
-there are two different GL room configurations in the pk3

Alpha Layout, ver 0.20 (6.27.01)-move LG down into area away from GL a bit
-Added MH (in long stairwell)
-Added one more box of shells & 1 more of bullets

Alpha Layout, ver 0.15 (6.25.01)-replaced RA jp with stairs
-added access between LG hall and GL room
-moved LG ammo (because of above change)
-moved tele destinations
-fixed odd clipping on 50H drop hole
-tweaked walkway support by GL to allow dj

Alpha Layout, ver 0.1 (6.20.01)
-basic entity placement
-minimum lighting
-minimum detailing

* Play Information *

Game : Quake 3
Bot Match : Route Included
Deathmatch : 1on1/3-5 FFA
Capture The Flag : No

* MAP Information *

BSP Name : maps/mrcq3t6.bsp
Shader Name : scripts/mrcq3t6.shader
Textures : textures/mrcq3t4/*
Sounds : no
Extra LIGHT : no
VIS level 4 : Yes

* Construction *

Base : New
New Textures : yes
New Shaders : yes
Construction Time : who knows
Editor used : GTKRadiant
Qutilities : Q3MAP
Other utilities : BSPC, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro

* Copyright / Permissions *

All original and composed textures in this level remain property of
Todd 'Mr.CleaN' Rose.

All original and edited shaders in this level remain property of
the sources respective owners.

You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.
You MAY use the textures and shaders but give credit where credit is due.
You may only redistribute modified id textures outside of this pk3 if they are
being included the the pk3 for another level they are used in. (IE: they cannot be
distributed as part of a texture pak, per Paul Jacquays of id Software)

You MAY distribute this PK3 in any electronic format (BBS, Internet,
CD, etc) as long as you contact me first, include all files intact in
the original archive, and send me a free copy (if it's a CD :) Thanks.