Bitter Embrace
Bitter Embrace by Mr.CleaN
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Foralarx Rep. 608
#35   23 Aug 2015
There is no denying it, flying across those pilliars always brings a smile to your face. It's all been said before. This is another true timeless classic. Sneaky little route to the upper walkway from the ledge above the mega, if you look hard enough. :)
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FragTastic Rep. 2241
#34   15 Jul 2012
Excellent map! :D. It feels like a DeFrag map also where as a DM map. Gameplay is spot on and is brilliant on my machine. Textures are excellently brushed with nice sandy textures which really gets the map to suit it's theme. 9/10
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It flows!
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dOOd unregistered
#32   04 Feb 2006
One of the best maps I've played. This is perfect!
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<:ShadowZombie:> unregistered
#31   04 Aug 2004
Damn!!! I have been of line for quite awhile.


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<:ShadowZombie:> unregistered
#30   04 Aug 2004
Well once again Mr.Clean pull's out yet another kick ass Map. The Mod Tex's are "Of course" very nice indeed. Lighting is quite nice. The bot's do tend to hang out like teenager's at a wood's party every weekend "same place same time type dealy" as stated by MacJammer, but w/out that in mind Mr.Clean know's mapping and one hell of a mapper he is. I gave it a 9 in my book. Congrat's on your job as a level designer, and once again keep up the great work :)
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#29   13 Nov 2001
Sweet map. Nice flow, texturing and overall good place to frag. Top notch contruction and design.

Way to go, Mr.Clean.

I gave it a 10.

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MacJammer unregistered
#28   12 Sep 2001
This is a fun map. My only criticizm is that bots tend to congregate at the red armor. For instance, after I rocket jump up to the RA ledge, I can accomplish endless kills with little effort while all the bots climb the stairs for the RA. Other than that, the map is tip top.

Better to mention, this action map yeilds itself to quick development of effective run routes, which makes for good flow and game play. I can't wait for Mr. Clean's next release!

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Octovus unregistered
#27   01 Sep 2001
Well, I'll give that be careful to make sure it doesn't sound like I'm saying what is, just what I think is, in the future...


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Electro unregistered
#26   31 Aug 2001
i understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but why go around saying that is rocks and NOT saying "i think RA3 rocks".

it's just the way someguy expresses his "opinion".

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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#25   31 Aug 2001
Fantastic layout, great gameplay elements (even some that are not used so often), great skilljumps :)

Atmosphere is above average. It's one of those maps that are simple in eye candy but you feel and notice that everything needs to be where it is because aethetics are build around the necessary gameplay elements.

I am not so much into the "Mr.Clean's aesthetics" (any of his maps), they're good but not top notch imho. But they're getting better from map to map :) (I got the impression that good r_speeds are very important to you).


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Octovus unregistered
#24   30 Aug 2001
Hands the "Trip to Hawaii" package to SouL-CRiSiS


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SouL-CRiSiS unregistered
#23   30 Aug 2001
And to any of you who wish to rate what mod is best for Quake, you need a life. DM, CTF, TDM, RA3, UT, OSP, CPMA, WF:A are all great mods and everyone should realize how difficult it is to make a mod/game. We're all here to have fun.
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SouL-CRiSiS unregistered
#22   30 Aug 2001
This map is fine. Anyone who wishes to not appreciate this map and is a hardcore Quake player should be ashamed of themselves. The map could have been lit a little more, but that doesn't phase the 'vertex' mode Q3 supplies. All in all, this map has plenty of connection, takes a while to learn and master, and is definitely worth the 3mb download. Mr. Clean, you have inspired ameteur mappers like myself since your spawn in the Quake community, and I would love to see more of your work in the future... This wasn't exactly the best effort in most people eyes, but it's just another classic in the pile of good maps. 10/10
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Octovus unregistered
#21   30 Aug 2001
Electro: Unless you're talking to someguy, you might note that my post ends with "but it's fun...sorta". I personally think CPM sucks; everyone has an opinion, and I wasn't being particularly nasty about expressing mine.


P.S. I think "loser" is a weird term to be using in a place like this...

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Johnny Law unregistered
#20   30 Aug 2001
"someguy", you are allowed to have any opinion you like. I just don't think it's kosher to spread outright misinformation.

However, since it seems important to you to get a rebuttal of your opinion as well, I'll do my best.

- On any duel-sized map, there is always plenty of time to run the juice cycle. What makes this an inexact exercise is the mix of respawn times. When there is an MH in the route, then the armors will be "open" for a few seconds, especially if the other player delays the route. That sort of situation seems to work out OK on all the currently accepted duel maps; maybe there's some problem with this map's cycle, but if so, you haven't put your finger on it yet.

- The pillars are one of the best parts of the map. Fighting around them on the ground = fun. Hopping across them to get across the upper level = fun.

- The fallen pillar doesn't disturb me when playing in that area, and is in fact occasionally useful. The rocks around the RL have yet to affect my play, although I can see how they might.

- I'm not sure why any reviewer should care whether or not the CPL will use it. The CPL may never adopt another custom Q3 map, but I don't think that means that I should stop enjoying new maps.

- I'm sorry to hear that you have been sickened, and I hope you get better.

There ya go.

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Electro unregistered
#19   30 Aug 2001
only complaint is the tightness of the ground floor tunnels connecting to various other areas.

and i'm not a big fan of the theme, but then again, it's something different.

well done Mr Clean

btw. RA3 sucks play CPMA you loser

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The Hubster unregistered
#18   30 Aug 2001
You are indeed a knobjockey.

Have you played this in CPMA? That broken pillar on the floor is GREAT! Double jumps off it rock hard, and the layout has a great flow. Its not a perfect level, but its not far off.

What's your fave map? Q3tourney1??

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pjw unregistered
#17   29 Aug 2001
I kinda liked that too. Nice one, J.L.! ;-)

I myself am tempted to comment on nothing but the typos in both your posts in the hope that this will help you to realize that your "truth" is not only pretty subjective, but seems to be of little interest to the majority of posters in this thread. Most people were apparently able to deal with it quite well by simply ignoring it.

Eh, probably wouldn't work . . .

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someguy unregistered
#16   29 Aug 2001
i love how you totally ignored all my points and just took a shot at a mod technicality to get out of having to deal with the truth my post containted.
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Wiebo de Wit unregistered
#15   29 Aug 2001
Great map, Mr. Clean! Layout, brushwork, items: brilliant. I was hopeing you would release something soon. =]
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nanoSpawn unregistered
#14   29 Aug 2001
Hey, what a cool map here. An 8 from me, but. A bit on the dark side, and it's a hard map to play, i found rather easy to control RA (i only play CPM), but it has tons of great trickjumps (hey, you can double jump the broken pillar, and get the RA from there =)).

An absolute keeper, sure. and it has a ffa version that 0wns m33 and my dog.

Keep up the good Work, Mr Clean

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bigblacK unregistered
#13   28 Aug 2001
Once again, a totally cool map from Mr. Clean - loved the layout, the looks, the speed..

Of the two modes I tried, CPM wins for fun(what else is new, eh? =)

I agree that some of the corridors on the ground floor get a bit crowded, but that's the price for players lingering down low I guess =]

someguy is a KNOB who has not a single clue.

The pillars are a risk, a predictable path and the quickest root from the top floor to the RA - get it yet?


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Octovus unregistered
#12   28 Aug 2001
And if you don't play OSP, you don't have to download it at all! Hooray for me :-p RA3 one, really....but, um, it's fun...sorta...


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The Loader unregistered
#11   28 Aug 2001
stylish indeed and average gameplay

keep working...

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The Hubster unregistered
#10   27 Aug 2001
muahahah go Johnny, tell it how it is m8
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Johnny Law unregistered
#9   27 Aug 2001
You goof. You only have to download the client qvm for OSP updates.

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someguy unregistered
#8   27 Aug 2001
i didnt really like this map that much...for starters, its linear, meaning, you can go from ra/ya/50h/time100h and just do that circle over and over again and always be to each checkpoint with time to spare before the item spawns...its just way too easy to run the map...also, some of the architecture fucks up the gameplay, the pilars are dumb, but there really isnt much you could do there anyways, then fallen pillar might look nice, but its unnecessary and is an annoyance, as is the rocks by the rocket launcher...its one of the better 1on1 maps released by the comunity, but then again, thats not really saying much. Its a decent map...ill never play it again, CPL wont bring it into rotation, and im quite sickened that rhea is going to be bundling this into future OSP versions, 3 extra mb to be downloading every 2 days when osp is updated, hooray for me.
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wviperw unregistered
#7   27 Aug 2001
very nice level. Never really had a taste for your previous levels, but this one is awesome.
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hannibal unregistered
#6   27 Aug 2001
Damn fine duel platform...gonna take awhile to master all the tactical nuances in here. Mr. Clean is back with a vengeance. Now...don't leave us again. :)
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Lojik unregistered
#5   27 Aug 2001
I thoroughly enjoyed playing this map and it will definately be staying on my hard drive.

I don't think the map is too big at all for tourney play, and I very much like the mixture of tight passageways and open areas. Although some sections of the map can feel a little cramped I dont think this is a problem as good movement skills are rewarded and its actually possible to build up a good head of steam resulting in quite an exilerating sensation of speed as you hurtle round the passages.

I also very much like the texturing and lighting, not gaudy and overdone as in some maps, but understated and subtle and for me at least very effective.

couple of tiny niggles, the jump pad to the YA had me spinning round trying to find the exit at first, just feels strange to enter it headon and then exit right, but I guess with a little more time on the map that will become second nature. Alos the jump pad near the 50 health, just feels like the jump itself needs a touch more air,and be a little higher, plus im getting some sparklies on the landing zone of the same jump pad. These really are minor issues though in the extreme and I should go slap myself vigorously for even mentioning them :-) great map!

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The Hubster unregistered
#4   27 Aug 2001
Brilliant. In a nutshell, that's what this map is. I love it.


The layout and item placement are done in such a way, that no weapon seems to dominate. Is this is a good thing? In some ways yes, and no. But for the most part yes, because you're then able to have more multitudes of ways to win a duel in this map. A rail whore may not win against the stickiness of a good LG handler for eg.


The layout is lovely for the most part. The tightness in some areas was good, while the freedom to bunnyhop in others was great - a good balance of the ability of loose and tight movement in this map.


Only one gripe here though - some areas were a little too tight, and when speeding through the map (if you're playing CPMA of course), some corridors, namely on the ground floor, are a little tight and I found myself bumping into walls or bumping my head a few times. I might mention that I didn't find that this map had a quick learning curve - the layout seemed a little complex in some parts, but that's not a bad thing.


Certain parts of the ground floor and overlaying walkways reminded me of some of Clean's other maps, but perhaps that's just his style developing. Pretty damn nice if you ask me.


Last and least important (imho) the looks - AWESOME. I love this style of texturing - a dry stoney atmosphere, with subtle hints of gothic tech. Nice work.


Well done to you Mr Clean. This is the best piece of work I have seen around here for a while, and one of the few keepers I have found in a number of months.

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Castle unregistered
#3   26 Aug 2001
WHile I had a run in with a person who feels strongly about CPM style maps not so long ago I have been rethinking things a bit. I have been checking out many different levels. I have to say that even if this isnt Mr CLeans best work it sure is a fine map with clean design. I think it makes up for its generaly plain look with game play. Its also inspired me to start work on a new map. Its getting a 9 from me because its good to see you are back Mr clean.

Will I be seeing ya around the forums and IRC also?

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pjw unregistered
#2   26 Aug 2001
I also originally thought that the map was a bit large for a tourney, but after playing it a few times against bots and a few times against humans, I realized that the map is a bit deceptive--the footprint is not all that large, it just feels a lot bigger because of the intricate, intertwined layout . . . man, I like this layout!

This is now my new favorite tourney map.

9 from me. (No 10 only because of the aforementioned monochromatic color scheme, and because I'm a bastard that obviously doesn't value pure gameplay quite enough :)

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Octovus unregistered
#1   26 Aug 2001

Ok, that noise might be a bit harsh, but...from Mr. Clean...meh...

I downloaded this last night along with Charon's new map (which were both linked on PQ and news to me, as I'd been away for a short time...) and I thought it must be christmas, two well respected mappers releasing almost at once.

I wasn't exactly disappointed; I doubt that would ever be the word for something from these two. But I definitely would say this isn't on par with the better part of Mr. Clean's past works....

As usual in the looks department Mr. Clean makes it looks nice with brushwork as well as textures; I don't really mean architecture either, but, as seen in the screenshot, things like crumbling pieces of ruins lying on the ground. There's another section like this next to the rocket launcher.

This map struck me as really big for a tourney. It played pretty nicely, but to some extent you've got to avoid falling asleep if you want to win :-) As an FFA, of course, one encounters the problem of not enough weapons/items for everyone. I'm not going to complain there, because it's obviously a tourney map (hence the mrcq3t6 label instead of mrcq3dm6 label), but I might say that I found it stretched a little thing.

In a map that spread out, the megahealth wasn't really neccessary...except for the semi-lack of health elsewhere. Thank goodness for that(strafe?)jump to the 25 health ball that the bots couldn't seem to manage :-).

Fun, and you should get it no matter what I might say. But I think this review is slobbering a bit much, even as I thought I would before I had played Bitter Embrace. An 8 from me.


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