Hong Heaven
title : HONG HEAVEN (Team Arena Deathmatch)
release date : 15.04.01
filename : HH-TA.pk3
Author : Wren Hong
email address : **email removed**
home page : www.hongweb.co.uk

description : Team Arena DM.
A truly epic, gothic castles in space map!
If you like your action frenzied this is the
place to be. Anyone who's played my other
maps will know I like a touch of "Experts Only"
so you gotta be good.
There's plenty of pick-ups to handle a large
player load ( I like about 8, but up to 20 is
a blast).
I'm really pleased with this map and can
honestly say, if you're playing this you're in
HONG Heaven...
play information

Game Types: Deathmatch and Team DM only (6-18 players recommended)
bot file (aas): yes

new sounds: no
new graphics: yes
new music: no

how to play place hh-ta.pk3 in your /missionpack/ folder
start quake3 Team Arena
The map should appear on the start server screen

If not hit ~
type /map hh-ta

Thanks to Johnny, Mesh, Morat and Toby. True friends through times of adversity.
Also thanks to anyone whose textures I may have borrowed/altered
and, as ever, to JB and the gang for the cool RTD Quake.
Long Live the HONG.

Mesh HONG: HONG Grand Central, HONG Madness, HONG Academy,
Wren HONG: HONG Ruin, HONG Void, HONG Reactor, HONG Castle(v2),
Johnny HONG: A Watery Grave III, A Watery Grave 2(v2), Liquid HONG

See them all and more at: www.hongweb.co.uk

All HONG maps also posted at RTD Quake: www.quakequakequake.com

base : new level from scratch
editor used : GtkRadiant-1.1-TA-beta by id software
known bugs : none known
build time : about a month

compile machine : AMD Athalon T/Bird 750 with 256megs ram
compile time : 16min

distribution / copyright / permissions

copyright (c) 2000 Simon Webster
all rights reserved.

quake iii arena is a registered trademark of
id software, inc.

this level may be electronically distributed only at
no charge to the recipient in its current state, must
include this .txt file, and may not be modified in
any way. under no circumstances is this level to be
distributed on cd-rom without prior written permission.