Hong Heaven
Hong Heaven by Wren Hong
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Gnam unregistered
#2   21 Apr 2003
I second that. The nailgun and chaingun were great for DM too, and it's too bad more mapers havn't done TA DM maps; the 2 tourney maps with TA weapons were not enough!
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Octovus unregistered
#1   26 Aug 2001
Two things:

(1) I am not going to download this map, because I don't have Team Arena on this machine, and it doesn't sound as if it's worth the effort to transfer it to the other (non-net connected) one that can run TA properly.

(2) It is great to see a map come out that uses the extra weapons TA offers for something besides its new gametypes. Several of the DM/Tourney maps TA featured were great fun, and it's nice to see an author from the community doing this. I may just have to try the next one, assuming there is one :-)


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