New World Disorder
New World Disorder by Cart2K
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2523
#11   05 Feb 2021
One of those maps that isn't super outstanding in any particular way, but nevertheless showcases really solid design and potential, both in visuals and gameplay. The minimalist aesthetics work well, with good subtle use of colored lighting. The gameplay and layout is also really good; the items are well-distributed across all height levels and there's always incentive to move about, along with plenty of Z-axis fighting.

The map does suffer moderately from "room-corridor-room" syndrome, especially in places like the LG hallway, and while circle jumping to the MH isn't terribly difficult it might turn off newer/less skilled players (especially in the middle of combat). The RA platform is, however, well-designed, as less skilled players can still use the jump pad, but seasoned players will still have the advantage being able to strafe jump to it. Making items accessible to all tiers of play while still rewarding skill is generally ideal design (see q3dm6's bridge-to-rail for the classic example of this).

Despite those setbacks, this map is actually quite engaging and worth checking out. Also I am now curious as to what custom model Tig was using for the Rocket Launcher back in the day lol.

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Takkie Rep. 1738
#10   02 Feb 2015
Good map, nice atmosphere, cohesive theme.
Gameplay is good. Very enjoyable!

btw. great rocketlauncher in the screenshot Tig ;)
Edited 47 seconds after the original posting.

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IK-NIN Rep. 10
#9   27 Jul 2006
i like the music. not sure if its original.
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Carillon unregistered
#8   14 Mar 2002
Just got it and had a look around....

Like it, a lot. thumbs up

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Morat unregistered
#7   25 Sep 2001
I think it's a great map. Looks good, plays great. Especially the YA/RG and RL/Med areas were great. Great architecture that makes for an interesting 3d landscape.

The only thing that I felt could have been better is the centre room. With all the great architcture in the other parts, why make the centre room so simple?

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Foralarx unregistered
#6   06 Sep 2001
I was refering to the bottom of the doorways, when talking about the clipping. It can be annoying for some to get snagged on the bottom of the doorways where the bottom of the doorframe intrudes on the doorway, when backing up or when in pursuit. TBPH though I had no real issue with it myself, just felt it was mentioning as others had done to me.

Like I said this is a real solid map, and it will def. remain as one of my keepers.

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Cart2K unregistered
#5   26 Aug 2001
thx for the nice comments ;)
as for the clipping fora meant the edges on the doors as he told me.
btw,... it was supposed to be a tourney map in the first row but it just got too big. thats why i made it a ffa map.
i also tried to implement some trickjumps. PJ up to MH. SJ from bridge to mh. RJ from MH to the upper bridge and SJ from upper bridge. u will find some more ;)


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StormShadow unregistered
#4   21 Aug 2001
Good 1st map, i enjoyed playing it. Plays surprisingly well as a tourney, and quite well as an ffa. i just hate pu's tho.

The mega is a bit hard to get, but this is a good thing, and its very intentional im sure.

Lack of clipping? What? Played the map for 20+ minutes didnt notice it once.

The game flow got a bit slow at points during tourney play, but overall i thought the map was fun, particularly for a 1st map :)

Gave it a 7.

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Pauly unregistered
#3   21 Aug 2001
I thought it was a great map. Played really well, and very easy to get on with. Top marks all round
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Octovus unregistered
#2   21 Aug 2001
This map was pretty fun; the corridors felt as if someone had stretched them upwards, because most were fairly thing but quite tall. Tall enough to rocket jump around in a bit, which just felt a little odd...

Item placement was generally nice. The two teleporters linked to eachother helped spread out the action a bit. By including two rocket launchers, Cart2k really avoided making them the centre of the action, which seems to roam around the map in due course.

I'm not sure what Foralarx is referring to with the clipping; however, I don't doubt there is something going on there...I just didn't have any trouble with it :-)

Gets an 8 from me.


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GameCat unregistered
#1   21 Aug 2001
Great first map...although getting the MH is rather hard in the heat of battle...

I've played this map thru beta against Cart2K (the author), Foralarx and others... I lost :) but enjoyed it lots!

N1 Cart, I'm looking forward to next map!!

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