Kao Phat Chance
by pjw
Kao Phat Chance by pjw
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#13   11 Jan 2012
Its to small ): I was expecting it to be a little bit bigger :/. 6.5/10.
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The Loader unregistered
#12   31 Aug 2001
is this a one hit wonder ?

either you like it or not !!

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Johnny Law unregistered
#11   23 Aug 2001
P.S. for the broad-sarcasm-impaired: if you're going to accuse a reviewer of favoritism, at least be sure to pick a favorable review as your example.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#10   23 Aug 2001
Heheh, yeah "a disappointing map"... "lack of tactics"... "fun for a few rounds only". Eeatha you softie! How dare you give pjw such special treatment!

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GuitarMan unregistered
#9   22 Aug 2001
I agree with xfoo.

Also, this map and others like this should be considered as what they are: one sitting maps.

If you don't like it, just hit DELETE.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#8   22 Aug 2001
AE, where is the special treatment in the review?
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Eeatha unregistered
#7   22 Aug 2001
AE hardly special, I think the descritption of fun for a few rounds would have been earned by any mapper. You have to be familiar with the concept of speed maps though to see why the review might seem a little soft.
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xfoo unregistered
#6   22 Aug 2001
"One sitting maps" are always fun to make and check out. It's best way to get creative juices going =0
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AE unregistered
#5   22 Aug 2001
I fail to understand why the author is given special treatment in the review because he's known.

The review gets a zero

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Eeatha unregistered
#4   22 Aug 2001
Hannibal, the dominance of the rail on the map, the multiple levels, and the weapon choices were fairly similar to q3dm17. Although admitedly the gameplay is not that similar.


I understand the map was a quickie :), and the gameplay against humans was a bit of fun. But compared to your usual standard of maps, it does not compare ;).

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pjw unregistered
#3   21 Aug 2001
thewalkingman: you can get the Quad by rocket jumping off the jump pad near the PG.

I'm sorry you found the map disappointing Eeatha--I like it, but, of course I would. :)

In retrospect I perhaps should have made that Red Armor a Yellow Armor, but it is a somewhat dangerous spot to camp w. the shoot-through floor . . . eh, whatever, I'm rationalizing. You have a good point--I'll try to pay more attention to balance next time.

Re: the bots, they obviously won't get the Quad (nor will most human players), but they often pick up the mega and rocket jump to the red armor when I play them (?).

hannibal--my next map will be a large FFA (sometime in the next week or two), but after that I'll be returning to tourney (serious tourney as opposed to the "quickie" variety :) for at least a map or two, so I'll give your suggestion some thought.

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thewalkingman unregistered
#2   21 Aug 2001
I like it..

but how do you get quad?

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hannibal unregistered
#1   21 Aug 2001
I know this was a fun little experiment for ya pjw...so I try to accept it as such. :) There is not much gameplay here, tho with humans I'm sure it would play better. I don't really see the connection between q3dm17, play-wise, but whatever. I'd love to see you take this theme (w/ the skybox) and craft a larger tourney level with it.
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