batcula by nunuk
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FragTastic Rep. 2241
#23   23 Feb 2012
'ChiropteraDM' Is way better and plus re-texturing is good. But this map is quite good to
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Love the architecture.
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#21   22 Aug 2001
One seriously wicked map.

Good job kudos to nunuk, sock and alcatraz.

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Octovus unregistered
#20   21 Aug 2001
Heh, I was about to say you were making an odd complaint there RainPsalm...but that clears that up...and yes, that is an annoying, if minor, point.


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RainPsalm unregistered
#19   21 Aug 2001
I think I meant 'stairs being clip-brushed as ramps' :)
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xfoo unregistered
#18   20 Aug 2001
I'm not sure how this map would work for full teamdm (4v4), but it definatly fits a 2v2 or 3v3. But I would of swapped haste and regen for quad and BS, as they aren't the best powerups.

And that RA beside the mega really bugs me.

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wviperw unregistered
#17   20 Aug 2001
all you commenting on ugliness/atmosphere - Are you missing something? This map has very good atmosphere. The textures aren't ugly. Ya gotta get away from the stock iD textures once in awhile. :) I would say this is a beautiful map.

Too bad the botplay is really bad. All they do is stay in the railgun section, bouncing up and down on the jp's.

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RainPsalm unregistered
#16   20 Aug 2001
V.Good map. But, I'm not keen on the ramps being clip-brushed as ramps. It means you can't jump quickly up them... Minor point
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The Loader unregistered
#15   19 Aug 2001
yeah it´s a good one but it creates not the atmoshpere we all know and love nunuk; otherwise well done !!
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GuitarMan unregistered
#14   18 Aug 2001
Good gameplay, but it's an ugly map. The textures are great, but all of them together look like a bad mix.

Very good work of all the people involved in this map (nunuk, sock, alcatraz), it just looks ugly to me.

nunuk, never stop doin' your space maps!

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hannibal unregistered
#13   17 Aug 2001
First rate play with humans...bots are a little to in 'awe' of the place to put up much of a fight. Very nice theme and well calculated.
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punkwocka unregistered
#12   16 Aug 2001

This map looks and plays great. I love the layout and the look of it. I have a fairly high end system but it runs extremely well even better than some of the original id maps.

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Shovel unregistered
#11   15 Aug 2001

I havnt had a game on it only had a quick run around. It looks great and looks like it would flow realy well. I felt some textures clashed and sections look a bit to fussy.

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StormShadow unregistered
#10   15 Aug 2001
Looks fantastic, plays pretty well...

I never really noticed nunuk as a good mapper before (i despise space maps, so ive steered clear of most of his previous work) but im very impressed by this map... You can tell alot of effort went into this one..


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pjw unregistered
#9   14 Aug 2001
This is one of the best maps I've seen in a while. Nice job nunuk! It's a keeper.

(9 from me)

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polo unregistered
#8   14 Aug 2001
9 for me

nunuk o/ another map like that, please.

good work here

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Monaco unregistered
#7   14 Aug 2001
wow fun fun. I think I know what your favorite colors are now nunuk:) The item placement is straight up amazing. The combo of vertical and horizontal play styles makes this very different from the other maps I have. The only nit is with detail maxed it looks like everything is covered in tiny cracks.

Definately fat. 9!

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Billy Crystal unregistered
#6   14 Aug 2001
It's not fun. It's just not funny.
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nanoSpawn unregistered
#5   14 Aug 2001
hohum, a n00n00kian non-spacial map. Dressed in blue and with 2 cool and high interconnected atriums. Great work there, man. This map still has a strong "kleskonian" feeling, if you know what i mean.

9/10 Im waiting for your next map =)

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Jay unregistered
#4   14 Aug 2001
What a beauty..reminds me of Lloyd's Ancient Archipellago, but this one is certainly more playable. Very nice work!
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x-virge unregistered
#3   14 Aug 2001
nunuk, you've proven that you can do more than just space maps. Not only do you have talent, but you know when to call in the talent of others. I love it. :)
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wviperw unregistered
#2   14 Aug 2001
Wow! great map. So this is what happens when you get nunuk, sock, and alcatraz together. I like. I am hoping to see more land-based maps (as opposed to space maps) from you in the future nunuk.
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Octovus unregistered
#1   14 Aug 2001
Yup, this map is fucking amazing (er, can I say that here? I hope so, anyways...).

I recently got a 1.2ghz Athlon with a Geforce 2 (yes, I know they've made a Geforce 3, but I'm "poor" ok? :-p) and that lets me run most anything cranked up, which is a new feeling.

Even on lower detail settings Batcula is a beauty. The little cartoon is kinda cool, looks a bit like Beetlejuice. High domed ceilings (mostly without an actually roof so as to let the skybox be seen), beautiful pillars, marble, this must have taken FOREVER to make. And if not, nunuk is just that much more amazing.

Plus it's fun to play! Oh my god! Call it author worship if you will, but nunuk is hands down my favorite map maker for q3. It takes more than practice to get this good; it takes a knack for the editor and a feel for the game (plus some good betatesters, and some great collaboration between community members as well).

Man, this is great shit! A very rare 10 from me :-)


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