Kao Phat Chance
by pjw
Kao Phat Chance by pjw

Tig's notes: This is the second 'quickie' release from pjw. The level was constructed in one sitting, given the time frame it is probably best not to anticipate pjw's normal standard.

A disappointing map from an author renowned for the quality of his maps and his attention to game play. The map seemed overly bright, and lacked visual appeal. This is combined with a low FPS. The simple open layout of the map encourages fast paced game play not dissimilar to q3dm17. However, the lack of tactics would make the level unqualified for 1 vs 1. Equally, the ability to camp the Red Armour area cuts deeply into the map's game play. The bot play was not exceptional. Bots went for the Rail Gun, the best weapon choice for the map. On the other hand, they never went for the Red Armour which required a strife jump, or the MegaHealth, or the Quad Damage.

Fun for a few rounds only.

Reviewed by Eeatha

Ranked: 3.2 out of 5 (6 votes)

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