Nebulus by Lanzelot
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Alice Rep. 605
#12   31 May 2017
I played this map for the first time as a part of the WTF-Capture the flag-mappack. The WTF version is slightly modified with two flags and rail only. I was happy to find this vanilla version now and it is also a lot of fun to play. But its really great with instagib-rail.
It’s a matter of taste, but I like those clear, open, VERY fast CTF maps. This one is in my CTF map cycle forever.
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gooball Rep. 1081
#11   25 Feb 2013
Very nice. Health was a bit scarce but overall good gameplay. 4.5/5
Edited 39 seconds after the original posting.
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Sir Fragalot unregistered
#10   15 Mar 2002
A great map and in rotation on the AARDVARK Q3A Special server:

But why do I keep falling off?

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elendeNATTER! unregistered
#9   25 Dec 2001
yup - gameplay and design...

fastpaced, a Keeper. I tried BOTH Q3 AND TA...

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Whiskey 7 unregistered
#8   11 Sep 2001
You got TA

You got to have this..........

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BoxDog unregistered
#7   28 Aug 2001
Nice map the play on harvester in nightmare is sweet Ill be playing this one for a long time
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Eeatha unregistered
#6   22 Aug 2001
Ocovus bots tend to be predictable imo. I was though very impressed that the bots took multiple routes to the flag though, because even on i.d.'s q3ctf3 the bots only ever enter through the upper left corridor.

Lanz your welcome. I specially liked the capbility to rocket to two rocket jumps and reach the flag in under 20 seconds. Heads up to Wattimus for point it out.

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Lanz unregistered
#5   21 Aug 2001
Thanks for the great review Eeatha and thank you all for the comments!


Yes the Nailgun is there in the TA version, replacing one of the SG's on each side, all TA PU are there and it supports all TA game types too.

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The Loader unregistered
#4   21 Aug 2001
excellent style; play it with nightmare and it´s a hell of a game :)

a 9 from me

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Octovus unregistered
#3   21 Aug 2001
I've had this one for a while; don't ask me where I got it, I don't remember :-p

It's quite a fast paced map! I suppose I ought to try the Team Arena version (does it include TA weapons? Not items, but say nailguns or the like) before really commenting, but...

The middle platform idea for the rail gun was very unique. It works well, and as Eeatha said makes camping obsolete. That said, someone can set up shop up above, and every once in a while jump down and get some extra slugs for their rg. It just takes a bit of extra effort :-)

The bots were entirely too predictable on this map. As much as Eeatha says they take alternate routes (which they do!) with all the rocket jumping possibilities and various special tricks you can do to get the flag as a human, the two or three routes bots take can quickly be figured out. The fairly small/open design of the bases allows a human to easily frag the bot flag carrier, provided another teammate/bot is somewhere nearby.

Still a great ctf map. I'd agree it's a must download provided you're not too tired of falling into the wrong place; this happens a fair amount on Lanzelot's map.


P.S. Gave it an 8.

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snickelfritz unregistered
#2   21 Aug 2001
One of my favorite CTF spacemaps.

This map comes very close to having perfect connectivity and gameflow.

The texturing is understated and just right for this type of map.


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kmas unregistered
#1   21 Aug 2001
One of the better Space-CTF maps.
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