Nebulus by Lanzelot

A Space Team Arena and Q3A CTF map with a number of custom textures by the author. The lighting of the level is just right, and the sky box adds to the atmosphere of the level. As you'd expect from a space map, r_speeds will be a little higher than most maps, but they peak under 11,000. A playable rate on most systems. The level is well connected, although the multitude of jump pads following the same paths increases the change of mid-air collision. Item placement was well thought out, ensuring that you won't get Rail Gun campers like q3ctf4. I found the bot play to be above average for CTF maps, taking multiple roots to the flag and going after every item in the level.

Overall, a very enjoyable Team Arena and Q3A CTF map from Lanzelot, a must download for all CTF fans.

Reviewed by Eeatha

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (89 votes)

Download: Nebulus by Lanzelot