space camp
space camp by johnboy
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dirtyfoggy unregistered
#3   27 Aug 2001
this map has incredible flow,(i.e.) teleporters, and bounce pads. no part is hard to get to. game play runs the whole gammot, of the map so action never slows down. if you strafe a little less and watch where you are going, its easy to frag your butt off, and win a map. i like this one alot, once i toned down my moon-walking and over-straifing. ill give this 1 a nine. gj JB. btw the same old textures and same old colors gets old fast, i like the modern look. keep up the good work
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johnboy unregistered
#2   26 Aug 2001
mr cleantex gets the credit for the launch pads
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Octovus unregistered
#1   26 Aug 2001
There are a few reasons why I downloaded this map:

(1) Johnboy has made so many that I thought I ought to be able to say I've tried one.

(2) This map got a semi-favorable review.

(3) All the other maps (that got better reviews) either required too much of my system or I'd played them before, and I wanted something new.

My man comment: Textures!!! You can make it look like a disco if you want, but my god. They're not at all horrible; what Johnboy has done shows he does have some degree of knack for it (more than me at any rate), so use it properly! Don't release things that look like I've taken some bad acid. I'm sure you can ask someone if you can use their textures if you think the Id ones are boring or cliche, or even find someone to help you "paint" your maps if you think you honestly need help doing it.

This map was indeed fun for a round. The quad was placed kinda weird; if everyone was running for it, one well placed rocket/grenade could either:

(a) Result in several "Excellent" awards popping up in your screen

(b) Send everyone flying into the pit

Either way this results in the lucky fellow who shot it getting the quad.

I quite liked the gimmick of shooting up after dying; it's boring sitting in the hole for a few seconds while you wait to respawn normally (I have no attention span :-p). One problem this created was the unlucky wrong-placee would drop his weapons and or powerups at the top of the level instead of down in the pit.

Once when the bot who had the quad decided to walk off the edge of the level, his gibs appeared over me (a fresh new spawn at the top level of the map) and suddenly I had a rocketlauncher and the Quad Damage. This isn't a serious map, so it doesn't matter too much..just kinda...awkward...

Fun stuff. The bouncepad textures made my eyes hurt, but I liked the "launcher pad" ones. Did you make those? (If you read this).

I know it really doesn't deserve this..a 6 or 7 is what it should get...but I'm feeling generous...

An 8 from me. Or should it be 6. Hell, here's a 7.


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