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Added: 08 Nov, 2016   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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31 Dec 2016
Rep: 386
Every map could become predictable and repetitive if you play on them long enough. On both the original and custom levels too.
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24 Dec 2016
Rep: 493
Gameplay became very soon predictable and repetitive to me. This might depend on my settings or thats my personal feeling. I didnt play it against humans, which is also always a major difference.
Its a great map!
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14 Dec 2016
Rep: 386
Reading your comment makes me confused. The tourney level made for tourney (duel map for fast rounds). I thought people likes small tourney sized levels...
"But there is no gameplay"
What do you mean?
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11 Dec 2016
Rep: 493
Its difficult for me to give a vote for these maps. The overall implementation of the theme is impressive and done with much love for the details. Really great!
But there is no gameplay. In most of the areas I am creeping around with 40-50 fps. This spoils me any map as good as it might be.
In the tourney version I felt a little bit like in a hamsters wheel repeating the same small circles while I was looking on areas which I couldnt reach.
The CTF version shows a really impressive vertical jump-pad cycle up to the flag. But also there are to much obstacles everywhere and there is more or less only one major way to move. A single players fun.
So this is very very nice to look at and to move around for a while, but then...
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18 Nov 2016
Rep: 386
I'm really glad you like my works.
Audiorum_v35 uses mostly the vertical aspects instead of the horizontal one. Audiorum_es made for "dueling" (tourney sized map). I think that's why you felt it tight...
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13 Nov 2016
Rep: 290
Both maps are visually interesting, although as the review says they've been built to satisfy the visual theme rather than the gameplay.
Even while I was not playing but just walking around, it was too tight. I wish it would have been broader on some sections. Clip brushes could have helped avoid falling and obstacles and to improve gameplay. I guess this is consequence of the technical difficulties and limits experienced while the map was being designed.
Still, thumbs up for the visuals and some interesting features (loved the long jumps). Thanks!
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09 Nov 2016
Rep: 386
Thanks for the great review. I really hope everyone will enjoy my maps.
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