Looking for a map (2)
Started by zoTaK
zoTaK Rep. 0
#1   30 Nov 2022
Hi guys.
I'm looking for a map or maps.
The ones i'm looking are really old, like 2000, 1999.
One of them is from QuakeCon 2000, is a recreation of the BYOC. I track the file but appears do be not working, dl fail when i try.

The other one is from 3DFX as a promo, it has promotional images all over the place, it suppose to be 3DFX HQ. Like a real place, it fells like Quatrix

You know where i can find those maps?

Tig Rep. 1334
#2   30 Nov 2022
@zoTaK - There is Area 15 - Nvidia Bunker by Casey which was an nvidia sponsored map. You also have the following maps which were made to test or promote the DDS file format.
  • The Crossroads by AzrKnight

  • Asunder by Laerth

  • Lonely Planet by SmallPileOfGibs

  • Last Rites by Mr.CleaN

  • Face To Fate by Peej

  • Bad Blood by ztn

  • Conflicting Interests by Wolfen
  • You also have a map pack of 13 maps in EADM Maps by Various from the James Bond - The World is Not Enough team.

    And there is the Dreamcast Maps by Various - which is the Dreamcast Maps.

    But, I do not remember the QuakeCon 2000 or the 3DFX HQ maps. Hopefully someone else can help.

    @Foo - Do you know of these two maps in your massive torrent?

    leilei Rep. 363
    #3   01 Dec 2022
    The 3dfx HQ can be found on the bottom of Falconfly's Cool Stuff page.

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    Tig Rep. 1334
    #4   01 Dec 2022
    @leilei - Awesome. Adding HQ 3DFX to the map queue now.
    zoTaK Rep. 0
    #5   02 Dec 2022
    @leilei awesome, that's the map i'm talking about, thanks!
    I still looking for the Quakecon map, is from 1999, 2000, 2001. It was like a representation of the place and have virtual "replicas" of the AMD servers that were running the servers in that time.
    Foo Rep. 141
    #6   02 Dec 2022
    @Tig The torrent doesn't contain either based on the file names. However on top of the 3DFX HQ map linked above, there is also a CTF version which can be found here: www.3dfx-voodoo.de...s/hq3dfxctf.zip and a TDM version which can be found here: www.3dfx-voodoo.de...3dfx_player.zip

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