Best Quake III mods of all time
Tig Rep. 1682
#81   20 Dec 2020
@Takkie : Media for Slugs and Rockets has been updated. You may need to do CTRL+SHIFT+R to force a refresh for the cached content.
Mapsking Rep. 382
#82   02 Mar 2021
Not sure how practical this is, but what about adding a section to the maps search screen based on attributes, with individual mods maps are designed for? Rocket Arena, Freezetag, Painkeep Arena, etc.?
Tig Rep. 1682
#83   02 Mar 2021
@Mapsking: Do you mean like this?

In the Overview section on a map, if you click the Game type attribute, the search results will be for maps with that tag.

Also, if you search for the tag in the standard search, most of the time, the result will return a match too.

Mapsking Rep. 382
#84   03 Mar 2021
Yep, I just didn't think about looking under gametypes, as the mod section is not called gametypes section. When I think of gametypes, I think of CTF, Overload, FFA, etc.
themuffinator Rep. 1044
#85   11 Mar 2021
Worth creditting EmeraldTiger on some fantastic work reviewing quite a few mods already!
raspatan Rep. 4538
#86   12 Mar 2021
Worth creditting EmeraldTiger on some fantastic work reviewing quite a few mods already!

Amazing stuff! I'm to submit some reviews too but have been facing problems with running mods under ioq3 or q3e (on linux at least). Some mods only have windows executables or seem to require the original q3. When have some more time will invest on this!
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Edited 23.62 hours after the original posting.
themuffinator Rep. 1044
#87   12 Mar 2021
There was a King of the Hill mod where the King appeared as Elvis, it was good fun! No idea where to find a link for it but it's worth adding!

@raspatan: I've come across some minor incompatibilities in Windows too, but they aren't too common. One example is Q3 Fortress crashing when toggling fullscreen in-game.

Geniraul Rep. 1444
#88   07 Jan 2023
  • Half Dead
  • Ultra Freeze Tag
  • Jailbreak
  • Knockout
  • Catch the Chicken
  • Hellfire Arena
  • Eternal Arena
  • ..::LvL 20 Years (I know it's rather a map pack, but I think from some point of view it can be considered as a mod as well)
  • Cork Screw
  • Alliance
And of course, as for total conversions, it is Open Arena, World of Padman and Open Arena Mega Mod for me.
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mazterxxx Rep. 0
#89   16 Oct 2023
mods with jetpack ?
Tig Rep. 1682
#90   16 Oct 2023
@mazterxxx : I immediately thought; there is already the Flight Powerup in Q3 - why would you want a Jetpack. Then I started to think about it a bit more. I kind of like the idea of an aerial combat mod where you spend the entire time in the air and in a kind of dogfight battle. You could have an altitude gauge that could limit you to a certain height.

Making the environment interesting would be the hard part. Maybe clouds and buildings could be used to make the environment interesting.

Maybe you could have a game mode where one player could not die and needs to get from one side of the map to other, then the sides are swapped. The player that makes it the furthest wins. I guess there could be other game mechanics too.

Anyway, it was nice to think about a possible mod over lunch, thanks!

As to any existing mod with a Jetpack, there is none that I'm aware of.

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