Best Quake III mods of all time
leilei Rep. 413
#21   19 Apr 2012
AlternativeFire for introducing interesting 'tactical' functions for the existing weapons

Hunt for being one of the very few with cooperative gameplay

Bid For Power for production value (hyped, ambitious scope and killer skinning/modeling by Rodney really sparked a LOT of imitators in the day), even though the gameplay doesn't really hold very well as it's a huge luckfest.

Superheroes Arena for variety, although there are a bunch of balance issues (feedback = top) though it's also a good 'tactical' mod as well.

UIEnhanced for being such a legendary q3_ui edit for those collectors out there. Its enhanced skirmish feature was almost as good as a random instant action button. A nicely loaded UIE setup makes the Fight! button like a box of qhocolates.
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Wyatt Rep. 0
#22   26 May 2014
This thread is a few years old but I'll bump it anyway. I love Mr.Pants Excessive Plus and Insta. That's like 10 years old lol.
KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#23   02 Jun 2014
I'm alright if any of you want to bump my old threads. I was afraid they might be forgotten eventually.
leilei Rep. 413
#24   02 Jun 2014
Evolution Eve Clan Arena was interesting for its reproduction of the DC and PS2 version elements and the 'evolutions' feature.
vortexbeast Rep. 302
#25   06 Feb 2019
I don't know about best. I've only played a few mods; some good, some not so. But my favorite so far is one that has become standard on our server. The Alternate Fire 2.0 mod.
richoi Rep. 70
#26   07 Feb 2019
my fav mods, and, some that i still play, albeit mainly with bots (not in order) are:

i still play most of these. some are total conversions; some are add-ons; some are just map packs. hope this isn't confusing as they are all fun, imo.
bozina69 Rep. 74
#27   08 Feb 2019
Plus one for Alternate Fire. Makes for a lot of new camping spots and ways to move fast using the grapple. I like particularly the sticky grenades and homing rockets. Another cool feature is one can shoot through a portal and have say a rocket come out and get another player on the other side. 2nd would be Painkeep Arena followed by generations. Love the Doom "long range" light shotgun!

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Jonah201 Rep. 0
#28   16 Mar 2020
Anyone have links to some of these mods? Like Evolution - Clan Arena or Q3Pong? These sound very interesting but most of the links are long dead when I search for those.
themuffinator Rep. 1044
#29   22 Mar 2020
jbhatc1972 Rep. 0
#30   03 Aug 2020
I'm gonna go ahead and restart this thread again... It's so killer!!
I was always just a big railgun instagib player so of course good ole instagib and corkscrew were always my favorites. I just installed the game again and have been having a blast just railing the bots.
I discovered HELLFIRE MOD though and it blows me away. Full control of what weapons are available and much much more. Anybody wants to play... Let's do it!
richoi Rep. 70
#31   04 Aug 2020
the hellfire mod (v1.2) can be found here:
also, more mods (794) for q3 to check out here:
along with a few other q3 file categories there that may be of interest.

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raspatan Rep. 4508
#32   06 Aug 2020
There are two mods I want to suggest, which are the ones I use all the time now.

  1. Spiterbot ( we all know that bots are very dumb. They don't play like "pro" players (no timing of items, no prediction of behaviour, no rocketjumps, no strafing, etc). Well, this mod adds new bots which do all these stuff. It feels like playing with humans! You can control the degree of AI difficulty. Some might say, "well, but CPMA did this". Mmm, not quite, as CPMA bots are mere aimbots that move insanely weird (only in CPM physics actually). They don't time items, rocketjump, etc. Spiterbot is much better. The mod comes with OSP-like display. The only drawback is that bots do not play well all maps. In some they seem to get stuck, grabbing no weapons at all. Still, I've only faced this in a few maps. If you can't play with humans but want the closest experience to it, this is your mod.
  1. High Quality Quake ( this is a graphical mod that takes Q3 into the new era of graphics. The quality of the textures is SO much better. It looks like a new game (well, perhaps like QL). Strongly recommended.
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Tig Rep. 1652
#33   05 Sep 2020
FYI. A Mods page is now up - - it is current unlinked from anywhere, so think of it as a beta for now.

I have a few hidden pages to integrate somehow into the menu system and when I do that, the Mods page will be added too. Feedback, issues and / or suggestion welcomed as always.

richoi Rep. 70
#34   06 Sep 2020
thank you for having a mods only page.
a thought - possibility? - to mention if a mod works with other spins of quake3/ioquake3, eg. openarena.
(eg. the Flexible Hud mod works fine in ioq3 but not openarena; the Hellfire mod works in both and actually displays 12 maps per page to select from).
oh, another thought occurred :-) --- a button for Mods on the Browse option maybe?
appreciation for your time and energies with lvlworld.
Mapsking Rep. 382
#35   08 Sep 2020
There is a link to compatibility for Q3 mods in OpenArena at this page, so it might be worth a look.


Mapsking Rep. 382
#36   08 Sep 2020
I have a few hidden pages to integrate somehow into the menu system and when I do that, the Mods page will be added too. Feedback, issues and / or suggestion welcomed as always.

I suggest simply adding it to the right of the current section, as shown in this screenshot.

Tig Rep. 1652
#37   08 Sep 2020
Thanks Mapsking for the suggestions.

..::LvL uses a "fluid" design. This means one site for all platforms. If you scale your browser window down to a mobile size (or anything between), you will see the site adjust to fit.

The menu has been designed to be as consistent as possible over all these sizes and formats. This means there are 12 items in the main menu. Why 12? Because 12 can be divided by 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. This magic number allows for a seamless menu resize with even column counts of 2, 3 and 4 (1 and 6 are not used).

A menu count of 16 would only give even columns for 2 and 4, but the 3 is needed. That said, I might be able to live with a 3 column being an uneven count. Just need to check if 16 items will still fit on a small mobile size.

Need to run some test first :)

Mapsking Rep. 382
#38   08 Sep 2020
Not sure if it would be too cluttered, but what about combining the Menu button and the + button? There are some duplicates, and maybe with removing some of the duplicates from the + button and the pages section (review, comment, media, etc.), it may allow new options like mods, and/or recently updated, etc. in place of them? Not sure if it would work, but it would allow 18, (if I counted correctly, as there are 11 currently in the +button, which, with removing the six duplicates, would leave 5 remaining, and when added to the menu button, would be 17), leaving one additional slot, in the menu, and still be divisible by 2, 3, and 4.

Just a thought.

However, I am not sure how it would work if you have 18 menu options on mobile, but when I just now looked at the menu on an iPhone XR, it seems like having 18 instead of 12 would work fine.

raspatan Rep. 4508
#39   08 Sep 2020
Cool feature Tig!
Some suggestions. Why not have the Mod page as boxes with images and descriptions you can click on, and dedicated page? (like this, The dedicated page then could also use some media, like video and photos, and host the readme file and allow for comments and votes. Basically, same as a map. They fit nicely together imo. I am happy to help with images, videos and descriptions.

Regarding Spiterbot, the readme sells itself as a duel mod but it is great for FFA too.

Finally, I would like to suggest this "modification":
It is not really a mod but it updates textures to make it super high quality. Maybe you could add it to the description of the High Quality Quake mod already included in your list, as they are complementary, it seems, or independent.

Tig Rep. 1652
#40   09 Sep 2020
@raspatan : I'm more than happy to take you up on your offer of help with the media and descriptions for the mods. Could you send some samples through (maybe two or three) for me to work on the code to support it all.

At the moment, it is all simply a list, but it does appear we are going to need add some functionality.

The High-Resolution Texture pack has been added.

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