Best Quake III mods of all time
EmeraldTiger Rep. 2571
#41   26 Sep 2020
I like the mod page idea! Here's a few more suggestions:

A simple mod that lets you hold two weapons at once - either two of the same weapon or two different weapons at the same time, which can be fired separately or together.

Generations Arena
A mod in which players can choose among 5 different classes based on classic id software IPs, with different weapons, physics, HUDs, etc. for each class. Notably one of the few older Quake 3 mods to still be in active development today.

An old single player based mod for Quake 3. It was never finished and so the experience is consequently very short-lived, but the ideas are interesting.

Essentially turns Quake 3 into a side-scrolling 2.5d shooter, while maintaining most of the familiar arena FPS mechanics.

The CTF mod associated with the popular ThreeWave mappacks. The popular CaptureStrike mode originates from this mod, as well as a "Classic CTF" mode that replicates the mechanics of Quake and Quake 2 CTF, One Flag CTF, and various competitive CTF features.

Tig Rep. 1642
#42   02 Oct 2020
Major update to the Mods page -

It is starting to get a little "big" too, so might need to look at a paging option and more changes soon.

raspatan Rep. 4510
#43   03 Oct 2020
@Tig That is amazing!!! great stuff. I will send something soon to complement.
themuffinator Rep. 1044
#44   03 Oct 2020
Fantastic work!

I'd be a little wary of using 3rd party links as they usually end up dead at some point - although I wouldn't expect moddb to go away anytime soon. I would try to help out if LvL started individual mod pages / hosted the files locally.

Also: What consitutes a mod or when is a mod no longer a mod? I'd say Western Quake 3 is definitely a Q3 mod but Smokin' Guns is a completely standalone product unrelated to Quake 3 other than code base. Q3 maps wouldn't even function in SG so I don't see the relevance to LvL. My suggestion would be to have certain criteria on what a mod should entail (runs on stock Q3 installation, runs Q3 maps) and possibly a separation of mods from engine forks (eg: ioq3).

A few I'd suggest adding:
Q3 Fortress
Classic class-based team mod (
Similar to Q3F, still has a small dedicated community trying to revive the scene (
Eternal Arena
Adds a host of new game types and many other ways to modify gameplay (
Football/basketball mod for Q3, can be loads of fun and a tournament was once played in QuakeCon (
Jailbreak: Prisoners of War
A revival of Q3 Jailbreak which in turn was a take on the classic Jailbreak mods from previous Quakes (
HeadHunters 3
Could be described as an FFA version of Harvester, was quite popular back in the day but now mostly known for the excellent custom textures now used in numerous Q3 maps (can't find a reliable full download at the moment but worth a mention)

raspatan Rep. 4510
#45   04 Oct 2020
Love Jailbreak! I used to play Q3 Gridiron a lot too. Cool mod (
richoi Rep. 70
#46   04 Oct 2020
here's a link that should work for the Headhunters 3 client-side mod.
p.s. : remember to obliterate the body to collect the head
p.p.s : and, the gods hate camping
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2571
#47   06 Oct 2020
Okay that HeadHunters mod is seriously cool! I had no idea that those textures were actually from a mod, and that there was a whole mappack and everything too. It's a real shame how awesome mods like that have gotten lost to time and are difficult to find nowadays (thanks richoi!), which is especially perplexing if they used to be so popular. This whole mod effort has uncovered some real gems for sure.

Some more suggestions:

Alliance CTF (Only link I could find is from the ACTF mappack reviews here on LvL)
A rival to the ThreeWave CTF mod with some similarities, including multiple associated mappacks and competitive CTF features. It also includes multiple new weapons and items including an off-hand grappling hook, as well as innovative new game modes like Hold the Flag.

BFG10K Arena
Replaces the Quake 3 BFG with the slow-firing, but devastating BFG10K from Quake 2. Includes multiple modes of play that allow players to use the Quake 2 BFG on any map they like, with various rules and restrictions.

Catch the Chicken
Grab the chicken that wanders around the arena and hold onto it for as long as possible to score points. Includes both a standard FFA version as well as a team-based variant.

The only way to score frags is by pushing your enemies into the void on space / floater maps via weapon knockback. Various weapon and item behaviors are modified to complement the mod's style of gameplay.

Tanks and Rogues
A server-side team-based mod involving tight, coordinated teamplay between two classes; a slow but bulky "tank" class with shield generators and a weak but fast "rogue" class designed to help assist friendly tanks with taking down enemy tank shields.


I wonder if at some point (way down the road of course, since it'd be a lot of work I'm sure) mods could be set up and reviewed in a similar manner to how maps are reviewed, for consistency and exposure? Multiple screenshots showing the features of the mod, a video showcasing the mod's gameplay, the ability to vote / comment on the mod, and a download section linking to a local copy on the LvL servers.

raspatan Rep. 4510
#48   07 Oct 2020
I wonder if at some point (way down the road of course, since it'd be a lot of work I'm sure) mods could be set up and reviewed in a similar manner to how maps are reviewed, for consistency and exposure? Multiple screenshots showing the features of the mod, a video showcasing the mod's gameplay, the ability to vote / comment on the mod, and a download section linking to a local copy on the LvL servers.

EmeraldTiger, I agree with that but I think Tig would be very happy if we collaborate in doing so. I am due to send some stuff on this regard but been extremely busy! I will do so soon!

EmeraldTiger Rep. 2571
#49   07 Oct 2020
Of course! I'm also willing to send in screenshots or gameplay videos too if needed, in addition to reviews. I understand that it can be trickier to show off a mod than with a map, since you kind of have to show the action taking place and demonstrating what the mod is capable of.
Tig Rep. 1642
#50   07 Oct 2020
Latest mods have been added to list on

I'll start work on expanding the functionality so that the listings are more like maps. Please feel welcome to keep suggesting mods but I may not add them as quickly while I work some code. I'll also "stage" the code and try doing quick releases and updates if possible.

As to the content of the individual pages, if people wish to put a "review" or write-up together, that would be awesome. Screenshots would be great too. The main screenshots on ..::LvL are taken at 1600x1200, but something like 1920x1080 might be nice for the mods. Will also help to differentiate them from the maps.

Videos take time, but could be very helpful for some of these mods (for example, Target Quake). If you do make a demo, as short as possible will help the most with the editing and encoding process. Try to aim for 2 min or less.

If you do have content to share with the mods, send it in. If you do not have the email address, use the contact form, but I think I have spoken with everyone commenting over email over the years :)

EmeraldTiger Rep. 2571
#51   09 Oct 2020
Do you know how one might go about disabling messages in the top-left corner? They do look kind of ugly when trying to take a screenshot mid-gameplay (where frags are happening and obituaries are popping up left and right), especially since I might need to take multiple screenshots in quick succession and the ones after the first will have the "wrote screenshot" message from the first one which doesn't look too nice. "cg_draw2d 0" doesn't seem to get rid of it.
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themuffinator Rep. 1044
#52   09 Oct 2020
@EmeraldTiger: con_notifytime 0?
EmeraldTiger Rep. 2571
#53   10 Oct 2020
@themuffinator: Thank you so much! That works perfectly. :)
KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2332
#54   10 Oct 2020
I'd love to see the latest version of the Hunt mod added (latest version has orange monster blood instead of green and has the Titan monster). I can upload it to my Dropbox if you don't have it.

Super Heroes Arena 3, Rune, PA Ursurper, Niflheim, and Sidrial are also fun to play. But If I had to choose just one of all the ones I mentioned to be added, it would be the Hunt mod hands-down.

leilei Rep. 413
#55   11 Oct 2020
Good list but it's missing...

Bid for Power (note: specifically the official Bid for Power without the DragonBall Z/GT IP, and not any of the "english"/"Final" fan repacks that add DragonBall Z/GT stuff)
Reaction Quake3 (had a standalone refactor in recent years)
The Dark Conjunction (the OTHER single player mod)
True Combat (the more Kingpin-inspired real weapons TC)
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threekidsinatrenchcoat Rep. 0
#56   15 Oct 2020
The addition of a mods section to lvlworld is great. It's good to see ioquake3 featured here, but that made me wonder: would it not make sense to feature it much more prominently on the front page? Some people might be curious to try Q3A, but be intimidated by the process of getting things up and running on a modern computer (you can see it happening every now and again with newcomers to the Quake and Doom communities). Please correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know ioquake3 is pretty much the easiest and most foolproof way of playing Q3A on a modern computer, regardless of OS. However, to someone who is not that technically savvy or experienced, this might not be that obvious.

So I'm thinking something like a "Q3A quickstart guide" may be helpful, with a few pointers on where to buy the game and how to install ioquake3 -- similar to how Quaddicted has a "5 Minute Quake guide" on the front page.

Sorry if this is not really the right thread for this, as it's more of a general suggestion (albeit inspired by the mods page).

Also, I just want to say thanks for keeping the site going and preserving all of this content. And thanks for the regular updates on func_msgboard. They may not always get comments, but they are definitely appreciated!

leilei Rep. 413
#57   16 Oct 2020
There are other source ports, you know....

It would be best for this site to remain neutral on source port politics and not push a particular "standard" port.

Also installing Q3 isn't difficult to warrant a big guide. It's only like one or two extra steps if you've got a retail 1.11 disc, but still far from "trying to get Saints Row 2 to work" tier, even on Win10. Heck, on modern systems, stock Q3 as-is is less difficult than Quake Live on the initial issues department (as it doesn't try to use your largest video card resolution regardless of monitor for starters).
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threekidsinatrenchcoat Rep. 0
#58   16 Oct 2020
There are other source ports, you know....

I didn't know. Thanks for that link.

It would be best for this site to remain neutral on source port politics and not push a particular "standard" port.

Fair enough, but then I'd change my recommendation to include links to a variety of source ports and let the user decide. My point is, there are many people out there who do not even know what a source port is or why they would need one.

Also installing Q3 isn't difficult to warrant a big guide.

I'm sure there are many games that are much trickier to install, but I also think it's easy to forget that what is incredibly simple and pretty much second nature to someone with knowledge and experience, may not be that easy and obvious to someone with little technological know-how. I speak partly from personal experience and partly from what I've observed several times in the Quake and Doom communities, as I wrote above. It doesn't need to be a "big" guide. A couple of sentences can make a world of difference to someone who might otherwise not even know what question to ask.
Mapsking Rep. 382
#59   17 Oct 2020
A fun mod I just found is called GibHappy. It allows way more gibs than the default in Quake3, can turn the rocket launcher into a "gibcannon" which replaces the rocket launcher and launches gibs at your opponents, and prevent bodies from sinking into the floor. It worked fine in OpenArena, I don't know personally if OA has cvars to allow the same thing, but nonetheless it is a lot of fun, if you like gibs. I know of the lei_enhancement one, but not one specifically ones that allow these types of changes.

Either way, the info page is at

and the most recent version can be found here:



raspatan Rep. 4510
#60   18 Oct 2020
Thanks for sharing Quake3e project. Looks interesting. It is well known ioquake3 download is outdated and latest version needs to be compiled manually. Quake3e seems to be such compiled update. I would definitively add it to the mod list Tig!
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