Best Quake III mods of all time
Mapsking Rep. 382
#61   20 Oct 2020
There was a really cool mod called Powerball made for OA. It includes the source code, someone with programming experience might be able to port it for use in Q3. It has things like rocket propelled grenades, a gravity mine launcher that warps gravity around it, a telefrag gun replacing the railgun, which immediately teleports you to where the player you just shot is, and kills them, and all kinds of other cool stuff. The original description can be viewed from the link below, and I have a copy of the files if anyone is interested.

richoi Rep. 70
#62   21 Oct 2020
in case the above link results in a page not found error when clicking on the associated file download (it did for me), here's one that may work instead >>>
gl - cheers.
KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#63   21 Oct 2020
Here's where you can download the Hunt Mod When you download it it's a .rar file so you'll need a program like 7-Zip to open it.

Download it here ( if the above link is dead when you click on it.

Some videos on what the hunt mod looks like:
Showcase of gametypes you can play:
Save the Universe (Coop mode):
Sorry for not adding this in my last post. I hope it gets added now.

Tig Rep. 1612
#64   23 Oct 2020
@All : The code for the mods section is going well and the first stage may be up soon.

The problem now is only a single review has been submitted. I'm thinking of putting up a place holder review which is more like a request to submit a review.

If anyone does wish to submit a review for a mod, please do. At least one screenshot at 1920x1080 (but more are welcome) would be awesome. I will mark it up as reviewed if you do submit one.

The recently requested mods that are not currently listed will be added once the code is done.

raspatan Rep. 4510
#65   23 Oct 2020
This weekend! I promise! I'm overwhelmed with work and distract myself playing rather than reviewing. But will do so this weekend.
Mapsking Rep. 382
#66   23 Oct 2020
Just a thought @Tig, but if you don't have one for mods, a compatibility tag for OpenArena might be good. That is what we play, and we have played some of these mods, but some required me to make changes to work in OA, some worked just fine as well. It would be nice to see at a glance if it works fully, partially, or not at all in OA vs. Q3.
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Quebus Rep. 0
#67   25 Oct 2020
I went through my old FNFF folder and found a few you may not have:
Weapons of Fury
Coliseum 2
Kill the King
Q3 Freeze
Q3 Pong Arena
XTreme Arena
I have Head Hunters 256 which may have been the precursor to HH3 (?)
Tig Rep. 1612
#68   27 Oct 2020
The Mods and Games code and pages have been updated - - This is only Stage 1 for the code. Clearly a comments page, search option and more integration with the main site is required.

Please feel more than welcome to write a review and send it in for any listing that missing a review. Screenshots (1920x1080) would be awesome too!

Please report bugs and issues. I will get to adding the recently requested mods soon.

raspatan Rep. 4510
#69   27 Oct 2020
Great stuff! Thanks for that! Will send some more reviews in the future (probably for Tanks and Rogues, Gridiron, Jailbreak, High-Resolution textures, HQQ, and Alliance CTF).
In terms of design of reviews' page, I would suggest some different layout to the map's one, to make it clear it's a mod. I'm not very creative, but maybe just having the review at the left and image at the right? Or maybe image at center and review at bottom? Also, wouldn't you want to add votes and comments to the mods?
Mapsking Rep. 382
#70   28 Oct 2020
You could change the background of the page to purple to differentiate that it is a mod. :-)
Mapsking Rep. 382
#71   28 Oct 2020
On a side note, there seems to be no way to add comments to a mod on the mod page when you look at one, like there is for maps. I think it might be a good idea to allow it, to allow feedback and additional thoughts, other than an initial review, from members. For example, on the Akimbo mod, it is mentioned that only one weapon is seen at a time from the opponent's perspective, and it is stated it is a visual bug. I think that may not be the case. We play this mod with our family, and I think it is by design. Besides, it adds a great element of surprise to the game, as the left hand is the one that is shown to others. I have it select the hand with the scroll wheel down, and the weapon selection with mouse wheel up, makes it easy to set whatever weapon wherever you want it. That way, you can have a machine gun in your left hand, for example, and a railgun in your right hand. When someone sees you, they will only think you have the machine gun, and then you can secretly rail them in the face! Tons of fun.

Also, the individual page only allow sorting, and this may come later, but a rating sort would also be a nice feature on the mods pages too, in my opinion.
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Mapsking Rep. 382
#72   28 Oct 2020
Another really fun one to play is Bazooka Quake 3 mod, which changes all weapons except the machine gun and gauntlet into a rocket variety/ There is one that follows your cursor, concussion missiles, and all kinds of other fun ones. It can be found at
Mapsking Rep. 382
#73   20 Nov 2020
Another awesome mod we played with our family the other day is called No Items Quake 3 (NIQ3). It can be found at
The basic premise has some similarities to Elimination mode in OA that removes all the weapons from the arena. However, it doesn't stop there. It gives everyone the same weapon (not including TA weapons), all of which are configurable, and changes them every 30 seconds. It can also give random (the same or different to each player) powerups, modify map mechanics, like gravity, or making projectiles bounce around. Since there is no health or ammo, it automatically regenerates them when you stop firing. All of these things and more are configurable, and has a built-in game help system. One second, you might be playing with the gauntlet, the next second, everyone has a railgun, or BFG. It is an awesome mod, and was made for Quake 3, but seemed to work perfectly in OpenArena.
KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#74   21 Nov 2020
Be sure to submit reviews for your favorite mods, as there are a lot listed here: If you click on most of them you'll see they don't have a very thorough description yet. If you click on a mod that isn't reviewed yet, you can click on the "submit one" hyperlink so you can review a mod the way you normally would review a map.
Takkie Rep. 1788
#75   15 Dec 2020
I see there are already some amazing mods listed here. Great stuff!
I just set up a 'new' slugs and rockets site. It is simple but hopefully effective enough.
You can visit it here:
From there you can download the SlugRock mod for ioquake3. There is also a vq3 version but that one is really basic (q3 slugrock).
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themuffinator Rep. 1046
#76   15 Dec 2020
I forgot all about SlugRock! Definitely worth a bash!
Takkie Rep. 1788
#77   15 Dec 2020
I just got slugrock up and running again on my laptop. I intend to write a more extensive description of the mod with some media to support it in the weeks to come.
@Tig, now we have maps and mods sections here on LvL, are you also thinking about a models and skins section?
Tig Rep. 1612
#78   15 Dec 2020
@Takkie : Slugs and Rockets has been added with place-holder content.

@All (including Takkie) Please feel more than welcome to submit more details or screenshots.

The mod section was designed to be very flexible. Expanding to models could be done by simply adding a "model" tag or keyword.

The biggest issue is lack of content for the existing content. What I would really like is submissions to come with a review at least. I'm happy to do screenshots if required or if that is what is stopping people from submitting content.

Takkie Rep. 1788
#79   15 Dec 2020
The placeholder for SlugRock made me laugh out loud. I'm pretty sure I come up with something less repetitive ;)
The Netherlands are going in a lockdown so i expect to have the time to create something.
Takkie Rep. 1788
#80   20 Dec 2020
I just created some simple content, including a banner and 4 screenshots for SlugRock.
You can get them from my OneDrive here:!ArnrOx...j_igs86sSXU0t2t
It is in the media folder ;)
If the banner needs some adjustments (size wise) let me know. Cheers
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