Quake 3 Aerowalk
Quake 3 Aerowalk by Centaura

A clean conversion of the Quake1 and 2 classic Aerowalk by The Preacher. The texturing is concrete and steel with simple lines and nothing fancy. Lighting is clear and bright. The scale of the level is not faithful to the original and if you are an Aerowalk fan you will find this annoying (like I did). There are some other minor issues such as; the inclusion of the door on the upper floor, the jump pad up from the ground floor, and the missing slanted wall (from the Rail to Rocket) on the top floor. This is still a good layout but the changes are enough to take away a lot of the spark of the original levels. Bots play ok but have a few minor issues with the Rail teleporter and they Rocket jump up to the 100 health from below instead of using the bounce pad.

An enjoyable conversion but there are better ones.

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (2 votes)

Download: Quake 3 Aerowalk by Centaura