Quake 3 Aerowalk
Q3Aerowalk 3.01
Changes incurred since Q3Aerowalk 3.00:

1./ Reclined the Red Armour steps, making the angle slightly more obtuse. The resulting jump to the RA is now much more difficult. Circle jump from steps should prove extremely hard, if not impossible. I'm not necessarily for the change, but it seems this map shouldn't be too easy for the less adept players, or so I'm told.

2./ Changed the flashing floor below the Red Armour so that you can shoot through it (as in, I finally figured out how to do it).

3./ Reduced the scale of the corridor in the Lower Rocket Launcher area. You should no longer feel as though you are on the set of Jack and the Beanstalk.

4./ Moved the Red Armour face model over to the Grenade Launcher. It was a bit annoying when going for rocket jumps over to the RA.

5./ This one could be controversial. I removed the Yellow Armour that resides below the Red Armour, and replaced it with a 50 health. In addition i removed the 25 health in that area, as well as the 25 through the teleport on the top ledge. My logic for this is that there is too much armour on the level, and certainly you do not need that YA if you are controlling Red. In anycase, the map focus is back on the RA. I know that this is not how it was done in Q1/Q2 Aerowalk, but I believe the changes are for the better.

I certainly couldn't grasp the logic of one chap who said the Yellow Armour on the Grenade Launcher side of the map should be removed. That would put all the armour on one side, which is crazy. Okay, so Quake 1 DM4 had it's two most powerful armours close together, but the 'down' player still had access to mega and green armour. In my own testing the replacement 50 health receives a lot of use, and it prevents the 2 YA + Megahealth cycle which was all a player needed to do.

6./ Removed lower set of doors. They were getting in the way of rocket and grenade spamming into the lower RL area. Top set of doors remain unchanged.

7./ Moved the railgun from the bottom pit up to the top teleport ledge, as per the Quake 2 version. This moves a lot of the traffic from the bottom up to the top.

In addition there were a few minor ammo and armour shard changes.