Incandescent Reality
Incandescent Reality by Maddman99

A two fort style CTF with good texturing, solid looking architecture and well balanced lighting. The layout is mostly successful, the weak points are the death pits around the Flag, respawn locations and item positions. The biggest technical problem is the r_speeds. These are cause in part by the location of a grilled window visible as you leave the common ground through the main door. This looks good but it looks all the way to the other end of the level which means that most of the map is being drawn all the time. If this window was replaced with a solid wall the level would run a lot faster and smoother. Other technical issues include the ability to fall through the walls in the flag rooms. Once you fall into no-man's land you can't get out without killing yourself. Having supporting columns that you can walk through is also a bad look. Game play in the flag room would have been improved by increasing the width of the steps leading to the Flag and the size of the Flag platform. This would have made it less of a death trap. Bots play the map without too many problem but do follow a very clear path.

Room for improvement.

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (8 votes)

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