Incandescent Reality
Incandescent Reality by Maddman99
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I_like_quake unregistered
#4   03 Jan 2011
I agree this map does seem like a mix of q3ctf1 and q3ctf3. Its a fun map, I just thought the fog covering the lava in the bases were kinda ugly and a lightning gun in the center ground would have made things much more interesting. I give an 8/10
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#3   28 May 2001
devmap mapname

r_speeds 1


r_showtris 1

this will help to show you just what is being drawn by the graphics engine - it takes no time at all to read the display produced by these in game tools.

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Maddman99 unregistered
#2   28 May 2001
Sorry about the r_speeds. Due to really crappy satilite I'm unable to play it on-line and I have a really fast computer so I never noticed them and forgot to check them. Kind of in the middle of a move when I did this map.
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#1   27 May 2001
Gameplay is like a mix between q3ctf1 and q3ctf3 :)

Really nice architecture, but the r_speeds...

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