SW9KL by Knight Lore''FC & QuackTKT

A nice looking space level set on a floating vessel. The theme, texturing and lighting are all working well together, but aesthetics is all this one has going for it. There is only one teleporter up to the middle floor, mistake 1. The teleporters on the middle floor are only for show. You can not enter them. Even though they do not do anything they look the same as the ones below. Some kind of textured structure that indicated a teleporter destination only would have been more successful.

The middle and top floor have a raised lip that stops you from falling off. This feature looks good but would have been better off on the bottom floor where it is really needed. The raised lip also has the side effect of preventing attacks from below. The long paths to the jump pads on the middle floor are almost useless without some kind of reason to go out there. A simple item would have been enough to improve this minor issue. Bots play the level ok but can often be found camping the upper floor.

Nice theme and ideas but playability really needs to be considered first.

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (10 votes)

Download: SW9KL by Knight Lore''FC & QuackTKT