The Night Shrine
The Night Shrine by Nephilim

A really nice city themed level with a great layout for 4 to 6 player DM matches. The action and game flow are reminiscent of The Forgotten Place (q3dm5). Items are mostly well located, although access to the Regen and Quad is a little elaborate. At long intervals a platform rises from the lava below, and you can ride the platform to one of the powerups. There is an ambient sound queued when it happens, but if you are not already near the room it would be almost impossible to get there in time. You need to listen for a monk chant.

There a few minor issues with overlapping brushes and a strange floating one. Frame rate may take a dive on lower end system as the r_speeds a little high in parts. Bot play pretty well but focus a little bit around the Red Armour.

Well worth checking out!

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (9 votes)

Download: The Night Shrine by Nephilim