Worlds Apart
Worlds Apart by Munyul Verminard

Lets just say this one is unusual. The map consists of three sperate arenas; one space, one Gothic and one simple industrial. The only navigation between arenas is death or personal teleporter. Its strictly a spawn lottery, you can suicide or teleport in the hope of going to another arena but you can't control your destination, you might not go anywhere. Sounds like map as life metaphor. You will want a fair number of players on the map, or chances are life/frags will be elsewhere. Team play or Clan vs. Clan matches are probably going to be the best style for this map, but a FFA with 7 or more players can be a lot of fun. Game play is great in all the arenas and can be very dynamic. If you are familiar with Munyul's work you can expect more of the same quality mapping. Bots play fine *mostly* but do have a few problems is some sections.

An interesting experiment, working on a number of levels.

Update - The original release was missing a texture file. This has been fixed with the current download. (11.dec.00)

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (15 votes)

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