The Night Shrine
The Night Shrine by Nephilim
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FragTastic Rep. 2251
#8   23 Jan 2012
The map looks interesting. I'll download later.
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Stealth 1 Rep. 0
#7   17 Jan 2009
Nephilim I just want to compliment this map It is one of my favorites and I saw it first on my Mac widgets; it took forever for it to come back around so I could get the name of it.
Keep up the nice work
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Tig Rep. 1234
#6   18 Jun 2008
Thanks again Anonymous Cowherd! The review has been corrected.
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Anonymous Cowherd unregistered
#5   18 Jun 2008
You need to listen for a what?
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Nephilim unregistered
#4   16 Dec 2000
If you had read the .txt file you would know that I know and that it's impossible to remove (since it's not visible in the editor)
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Widowmaker MacGoose unregistered
#3   14 Dec 2000
I was just about to add this to my pile of collectable maps, when I saw the brown thing EvilMustache describes...
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#2   09 Dec 2000
A very well made map.

Plays well with a bunch of people. Glad to see some variation on the Goth-thing.

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EvilMustache unregistered
#1   06 Dec 2000
I really like the roof top "town like" scenery. Its too bad that this isn't taken further. Aside from the LG hall, this map is just another Q3 run and gun map. Texturing is very finished, but gameplay isn't anything new. One small note, in the haste courtyard, if you stand behind the two SG ammo boxes and look over the rooftop across from you, you can see a tiny speck. its brownish and will stop projectiles. it doesn't appear to be part of anything, and is invisable from the other side. If you knew about this, I'm sorry I brought it up.
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